Last updated 17 April 2017

The Game

The Game

Series Episode Number: 66

First Broadcast: Mon 28 Feb 2005 - ~9:00pm UTC (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 119 minutes 9 seconds

Recorded on Wed 27 Oct 2004 in The Moat Studios

On the planet Cray, it's game time.

The Gora and the Lineen are set to face off in the grudge match to end all grudge matches. The players are limbering up, the commentators are preparing, the fans are daubing themselves in their team's colours. The arena is set, and the kick-off is approaching.

When the Doctor and Nyssa arrive, however, they find that Naxy is a sport that anyone can play - whether they want to or not. Cray's entire future depends on the match's outcome, but the time travellers soon realise that it is anything but just a game.