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Last updated 28 March 2020

Played By
Peter Davison: Castrovalva; Four To Doomsday; Kinda; The Visitation; Black Orchid; Earthshock; Time-Flight; Arc of Infinity; Snakedance; Mawdryn Undead; Terminus; Enlightenment; The King's Demons; The Five Doctors; Warriors of the Deep; The Awakening; Frontios; Resurrection of the Daleks; Planet of Fire; The Caves of Androzani; Dimensions In Time[Misc]; The Sirens of Time[BF]; Phantasmagoria[BF]; The Land of the Dead[BF]; Red Dawn[BF]; Winter for the Adept[BF]; The Mutant Phase[BF]; Loups-Garoux[BF]; The Eye of the Scorpion[BF]; Primeval[BF]; Excelis Dawns[BF]; Spare Parts[BF]; The Church and the Crown[BF]; No Place Like Home[BF]; Nekromanteia[BF]; Creatures of Beauty[BF]; Omega[BF]; Zagreus[BF]; The Axis of Insanity[BF]; The Roof of the World[BF]; The Game[BF]; Three's a Crowd[BF]; The Council of Nicaea[BF]; Singularity[BF]; The Kingmaker[BF]; The Gathering[BF]; Circular Time[BF]; Renaissance of the Daleks[BF]; Exotron / Urban Myths[BF]; Son of the Dragon[BF]; The Mind's Eye[BF]; The Bride of Peladon[BF]; The Haunting of Thomas Brewster[BF]; The Boy That Time Forgot[BF]; Time Reef / A Perfect World[BF]; Return to the Web Planet[BF]; The Key 2 Time - Judgement of Isskar[BF]; The Key 2 Time - Destroyer of Delights[BF]; The Key 2 Time - Chaos Pool[BF]; Castle of Fear[BF]; The Eternal Summer[BF]; Plague of the Daleks[BF]; Cobwebs[BF]; The Whispering Forest[BF]; The Cradle of the Snake[BF]; The Children of Seth[BF]; The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories[BF]; The Four Doctors[BF]; Heroes of Sontar[BF]; Kiss of Death[BF]; Rat Trap[BF]; The Elite[BF]; Hexagora[BF]; The Five Companions[BF]; The Jupiter Conjunction[BF]; The Butcher of Brisbane[BF]; The Burning Prince[BF]; 1001 Nights[BF]; Eldrad Must Die![BF]; The Name of the Doctor(uncredited) (from archive recording)Info; The Lady of Mercia[BF]; Prisoners of Fate[BF]; 1963: Fanfare for the Common Men[BF]; The Light at the End[BF]; The Day of The Doctor (from archive recording); Moonflesh[BF]; Tomb Ship[BF]; Masquerade[BF]; The Fifth Doctor Boxset[BF]; Mistfall[BF]; Equilibrium[BF]; The Entropy Plague[BF]; The Secret History[BF]; The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar(uncredited) (from archive recording)Info; The Waters of Amsterdam[BF]; Aquitaine[BF]; The Peterloo Massacre[BF]; And You Will Obey Me[BF]; Classic Doctors, New Monsters (Volume One)[BF]; The Memory Bank and Other Stories[BF]; The Star Men[BF]; The Contingency Club[BF]; Zaltys[BF]; Alien Heart / Dalek Soul[BF]; Time In Office[BF]; Diary of River Song: Series 3[BF]; Kingdom Of Lies[BF]; Ghost Walk[BF]; Serpent In The Silver Mask[BF]; The Helliax Rift[BF]; Devil In The Mist[BF]; Black Thursday / Power Game[BF]; The Kamelion Empire[BF]; The Legacy of Time[BF]; Tartarus[BF]; Interstitial / Feast of Fear[BF]; Nightmare Country[BF]; Warzone / Conversion[BF]; Time Apart; Thin Time / Madquake; Shadow of the Daleks 1; Shadow of the Daleks 2; The Blazing Hour[BF]; The End of the Beginning[BF]; The Emerald Tiger[BF]; Time Crash (Children in Need) | as Doctor Who: Logopolis | as The Fifth Doctor: Destiny Of the Doctors[Games]
213 credits in
128 entries
Gareth Milne: The Caves of Androzani(uncredited)Info | as Stunt Double for The Doctor: Warriors of the Deep(uncredited)
2 credits in
2 entries
Neil Rogers: as Double for the Fifth Doctor: The Name of the Doctor(uncredited)
1 credit in
1 entry

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