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Peter Davison: Castrovalva; Four To Doomsday; Kinda; The Visitation; Black Orchid; Earthshock; Time-Flight; Arc of Infinity; Snakedance; Mawdryn Undead; Terminus; Enlightenment; The King's Demons; The Five Doctors; Warriors of the Deep; The Awakening; Frontios; Resurrection of the Daleks; Planet of Fire; The Caves of Androzani; Dimensions In Time[Misc]; The Sirens of Time[BF]; Phantasmagoria[BF]; The Land of the Dead[BF]; Red Dawn[BF]; Winter for the Adept[BF]; The Mutant Phase[BF]; Loups-Garoux[BF]; The Eye of the Scorpion[BF]; Primeval[BF]; Excelis Dawns[BF]; Spare Parts[BF]; The Church and the Crown[BF]; No Place Like Home[BF]; Nekromanteia[BF]; Creatures of Beauty[BF]; Omega[BF]; Zagreus[BF]; The Axis of Insanity[BF]; The Roof of the World[BF]; The Game[BF]; Three's a Crowd[BF]; The Council of Nicaea[BF]; Singularity[BF]; The Kingmaker[BF]; The Gathering[BF]; Circular Time[BF]; Renaissance of the Daleks[BF]; Exotron / Urban Myths[BF]; Son of the Dragon[BF]; The Mind's Eye[BF]; The Bride of Peladon[BF]; The Haunting of Thomas Brewster[BF]; The Boy That Time Forgot[BF]; Time Reef / A Perfect World[BF]; Return to the Web Planet[BF]; The Key 2 Time - Judgement of Isskar[BF]; The Key 2 Time - Destroyer of Delights[BF]; The Key 2 Time - Chaos Pool[BF]; Castle of Fear[BF]; The Eternal Summer[BF]; Plague of the Daleks[BF]; Cobwebs[BF]; The Whispering Forest[BF]; The Cradle of the Snake[BF]; The Children of Seth[BF]; The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories[BF]; The Four Doctors[BF]; Heroes of Sontar[BF]; Kiss of Death[BF]; Rat Trap[BF]; The Elite[BF]; Hexagora[BF]; The Five Companions[BF]; The Jupiter Conjunction[BF]; The Butcher of Brisbane[BF]; The Burning Prince[BF]; 1001 Nights[BF]; Eldrad Must Die![BF]; The Name of the Doctor(uncredited) (from archive recording)Info; Prisoners of Fate[BF]; The Lady of Mercia[BF]; 1963: Fanfare for the Common Men[BF]; The Light at the End[BF]; The Day of The Doctor (from archive recording); Moonflesh[BF]; Tomb Ship[BF]; Masquerade[BF]; The Fifth Doctor Boxset[BF]; Mistfall[BF]; Equilibrium[BF]; The Entropy Plague[BF]; The Secret History[BF]; The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar(uncredited) (from archive recording)Info; The Waters of Amsterdam[BF]; Aquitaine[BF]; The Peterloo Massacre[BF]; And You Will Obey Me[BF]; Classic Doctors, New Monsters (Volume One)[BF]; The Memory Bank and Other Stories[BF]; The Star Men[BF]; The Contingency Club[BF]; Zaltys[BF]; Alien Heart / Dalek Soul[BF]; Time In Office[BF]; Diary of River Song: Series 3[BF]; Kingdom Of Lies[BF]; Ghost Walk[BF]; Serpent In The Silver Mask[BF]; The Helliax Rift[BF]; Devil In The Mist[BF]; Black Thursday / Power Game[BF]; The Kamelion Empire[BF]; The Legacy of Time[BF]; Tartarus[BF]; Interstitial / Feast of Fear[BF]; Nightmare Country[BF]; Warzone / Conversion[BF]; Time Apart; Thin Time / Madquake; Shadow of the Daleks 1; Wicked Sisters; Shadow of the Daleks 2; The Blazing Hour[BF]; The End of the Beginning[BF]; The Lost Resort and Other Stories; Forty 1; Forty 2; The Power of the Doctor; Conflicts of Interest; In the Night; The Emerald Tiger[BF]; Time Crash (Children in Need) | as Doctor Who: Logopolis | as The Fifth Doctor: Destiny Of the Doctors[Games]
227 credits in
135 entries
Gareth Milne: The Caves of Androzani(uncredited)Info | as Stunt Double for The Doctor: Warriors of the Deep(uncredited)
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Neil Rogers: as Double for the Fifth Doctor: The Name of the Doctor(uncredited)
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The Doctor

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With his young looks, the Fifth Doctor expressed an interest things associated with Victorian and Edwardian England: cricket, tea, fair play, good manners, and a keen interest in science and exploration. He was also a sensitive and profusely humane incarnation who did not make himself an imposition, preferring to be honest, reserved, and honourable. However, the Fifth Doctor was also less willing to do what he thought was immoral, and became highly conflicted about what choices he could make in a crisis that were truly right. This was never more true than in relation to the safety of his companions. On the occasion that they were harmed, he would be very deeply affected. His hesitancy made him seemingly more fallible than many other incarnations, making those around him wonder if he was capable of resolving difficult situations. Nevertheless, he was one of the most overtly fearless incarnations, and frequently found himself right in the thick of battle.

Like his first two incarnations, the Fifth Doctor often travelled with multiple companions. However, his TARDIS was rarely as harmonious as those of his predecessors. Instead, he frequently found himself stuck between Tegan Jovanka's pessimism and Adric's arrogance or Turlough's antagonism. Stuck in the middle with him was usually Nyssa, by far his longest-serving companion, and the assistant with whom he travelled alone for many years. Even after he seemingly was settled on just having one companion, he and Peri Brown found another companion — a pharaoh from Egypt called Erimem — and the Doctor once again slid into the role of the oft-maligned chaperone.

When he passed, though, he was adventuring only with Peri, and it was for her that he gave his life. The two fell to spectrox toxaemia, a kind of poisoning. By deciding to deliver his limited supply of antidote only to her, he knew that his only hope for survival lay in regeneration.

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Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Kamelion, Peri

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