Last updated 17 April 2017

Vampire of the Mind

Vampire of the Mind

Series Episode Number: 212

First Broadcast: Tue 31 May 2016 - ~8:00pm UTC (United Kingdom)

Recorded on Mon 09 Nov 2015 in The Moat Studios

Somewhere off the South Coast of England, there’s a lonely island. On that island stands a solitary castle, long since abandoned – haunted, they say. But the truth is, that castle houses something far worse than mere ghosts.

The castle is what lies at the end of a trail followed by the Doctor in search of several missing scientists – all of them connected to the top secret Dominus Institute and its elusive CEO, Sir Andrew Gobernar…

But the Doctor will soon discover that he’s the one being haunted, by a ghost from his past… or perhaps, his future.