Alan Barnes

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Script Editor: Night's Black Agents[BF]; Solitaire[BF]; Project: Nirvana[BF]; Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories[BF]; Revenge of the Swarm[BF]; Mask of Tragedy[BF]; Signs and Wonders[BF]; The Widow's Assassin[BF]; Masters of Earth[BF]; The Rani Elite[BF]; Mistfall[BF]; Equilibrium[BF]; The Entropy Plague[BF]; The Defectors[BF]; Last of the Cybermen[BF]; The Secret History[BF]; We Are The Daleks[BF]; Terror of the Sontarans[BF]; The Warehouse[BF]; Criss-Cross[BF]; Planet of the Rani[BF]; Shield Of The Jötunn[BF]; You Are the Doctor and Other Stories[BF]; The Waters of Amsterdam[BF]; Aquitaine[BF]; The Peterloo Massacre[BF]; And You Will Obey Me[BF]; Vampire of the Mind[BF]; The Two Masters[BF]; A Life of Crime[BF]; Fiesta Of The Damned[BF]; Maker Of Demons[BF]; The Memory Bank and Other Stories[BF]; Order of the Daleks[BF]; Absolute Power[BF]; Quicksilver[BF]; The Star Men[BF]; The Contingency Club[BF]; Zaltys[BF]; Alien Heart / Dalek Soul[BF]; Vortex Ice / Cortex Fire[BF]; Shadow Planet / World Apart[BF]; The High Price Of Parking[BF]; The Blood Furnace[BF]; The Silurian Candidate[BF]; Time In Office[BF]; Static[BF]; The Helliax Rift[BF]; The Lure of the Nomad[BF]; Iron Bright[BF]; Hour Of The Cybermen[BF]; Warlock's Cross[BF]; Muse Of Fire[BF]; The Hunting Ground[BF]; Devil In The Mist[BF]; Black Thursday / Power Game[BF]; The Kamelion Empire[BF]; The Monsters Of Gokroth[BF]; The Moons Of Vulpana[BF]; An Alien Werewolf In London[BF]; The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller[BF]
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Alan Barnes

Alan Barnes is a British writer. He began at Doctor Who Magazine as a comic writer, then edited the magazine for a number of years. He wrote the first half of the Eighth Doctor comic strip stories before becoming Assistant Editor under Gary Gillatt (the magazine's editor at the time). 

In issue 237 1998 Alan Barnes was credited as 'Assistant Editor'. He continued to hold this possition until issue 271 in November 1998. The following issue he began to share the position of editor with Gary Gillat. By July 2000, with issue 293, Barnes had assumed full duties as sole editor (and was credited as such in the magazine's credits).

Barnes was also editor of the Judge Dredd Magazine from 2001 to 2005.

Barnes created or more precisely "fleshed out" the character of Charley Pollard, who was introduced in Storm Warning. He was given the brief for Storm Warning and in it was the instruction that he had to introduce a companion called 'Charley'. 

Orbis, a Big Finish Productions audio drama, was cowritten with Nicholas Briggs. However, Barnes has said he "wrote the script from Nick's very detailed scene breakdown. Which was a fascinating experience – like painting, or something. A storyline is a fairly cold, mechanical blueprint of a thing; writing the script is about adding colour, finding ways to bring it to life."

In addition to his audio and comic strip credits, Barnes has also written one television story, The Infinite Quest, originally a thirteen-episode animated story made up of three-and-a-half-minute episodes broadcast as part of Totally Doctor Who.

Biography from the Tardis Wiki article, licensed under CC-BY-SA