Last updated 15 December 2018

Doctor Who: Time Trouble

Time Trouble

Story Number: 32
No of Episodes: 1

Director: Rupert Miles, Adam Page

Starring: Simon Pegg, Phil Collinson, Shaun Dingwall, Russell T Davies, Christopher Eccleston, Paul Cornell, Chris Petts, David Bowman, Will Cohen, Paul Jefferies, Lin Davie, Camille Coduri, Billie Piper

BBC Three (United Kingdom):
First Broadcast: Saturday 14th May 2005
Running Time: 30 minutes

This episode goes behind the scenes of Father's Day

Simon Pegg narrates a behind-the-scenes look at the new series of Doctor Who, following the production team, writers and cast as they bring the Time Lord back to the screen. This edition looks at the trouble that time travel and messing with the past can cause, as Rose finds out to her cost.