Episode Clips

Welcome to Skaro
On an ancient, war-torn planet, the Time Lords call upon the Doctor to carry out what could be his most important mission yet...

Davros' First Appearance
While the Doctor and Harry are detained by Kaled forces, Sarah Jane Smith accidentally stumbles upon the most significant moment in Dalek history.

The Power to End All Life
The Doctor tries to force The Kaleds' chief scientist Davros to destroy the embryonic Daleks, but then Nyder intervenes. Classic scene from 1975 mini-series 'Genesis of the Daleks'.

Meet the First Daleks!
As the Doctor and Harry bear witness, Davros introduces the "Mark III Travel Machine" - a primitive Dalek!

Do I Have The Right?
The Doctor tries to force Does the Doctor have the right to destroy the Daleks? The Fourth Doctor is faced with a huge dilemma in one of these classic moments from the 1975 story Genesis of the Daleks.

Escaping Through the Rocket!
Sarah Jane and Sevrin lead an escape through the top of the Thals' rocket - but they are under heavy pursuit!

The Daleks Turn on Davros!
Their evolution might have been delayed, but the Daleks will never be stopped by anyone - even their own creator!

Dalek Mutants Attack!
As Davros makes his own plans, the Doctor moves in on the mutated Dalek embryos - but they strike first!

The Power to End All Life?
The Doctor and Davros clash philosophically - and physically - over the power to end all life!

Davros Interrogates the Doctor
Taking the Doctor, Harry and Sarah Jane prisoner, Davros seeks to learn everything he can about the Daleks' future!

Davros Betrays His Own Race?
As Davros' plans come to fruition, the Doctor and Harry seek out a way to sabotage them!

The Future of the Kaleds
Harry and the Doctor confide in Ronson about their mission, who reveals some valuable information about Davros' experiments in mutation...

The Daleks' First Extermination
As the Kaled city is destroyed and the Doctor mourns, Davros sets his new Daleks on the path to their destiny

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Genesis of the Daleks:
From the introduction of Davros to the first extermination, relive some highlights of the iconic Fourth Doctor adventure 'Genesis of the Daleks'!

Credit: BBC Studios