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Me, You and Doctor Who: a Culture Show Special

Me, You and Doctor Who: a Culture Show Special

World Premiere: Fri 22 Nov 2013 - 9:31pm GMT [BBC2] (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 59 minutes 15 seconds

0.99 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 85 (UK)

Audience Share: 4.09% (UK)

Why has a kids TV show about a mad man with a box that can travel anywhere in time and space become the BBC's longest running TV drama - and one of Britain's biggest brands?

On its 50th anniversary, lifelong fan Matthew Sweet argues you ignore Doctor Who at your peril. It may be a piece of children's television, but he believes it's one of the most important cultural artefacts of modern Britain. Put simply, Doctor Who matters.

In this hour-long Culture Show special, BBC Two's flagship arts programme explores with wit, authority and affection, why Doctor Who has become entrenched in British life. Matthew Sweet traces the 50 years of extraordinary social change and uncertainty that sent generations of children scuttling behind the sofa. How did a pepper pot, the Nazis and a sink plunger result in the scariest adversaries of our time - the Daleks?

Sweet argues how in turn the show became a cultural force in its own right, influencing music, design and storytelling - whether pioneering electronica (Delia Derbyshire), or giving the unknown Douglas Adams a crucial break. Matthew meets both famous faces as well as cast, crew and Doctors past and present (from current Doctor Matt Smith to Richard Martin, the maverick director who first brought the Daleks to screens in 1964) to find out how Doctor Who has changed our culture.

PresenterMatthew Sweet
ParticipantMark Ravenhill
ParticipantKen Livingstone
ParticipantPaul Hartnoll
ParticipantCaitlin Moran
ParticipantMatt Smith
ParticipantRichard Martin
ParticipantJohn Lloyd
ParticipantAnthony Read
Production Team
DirectorJude Ho
Camera OperatorNeil Harvey
Sound RecordistSimon Parmenter
Sound RecordistFreddie Claire
Sound RecordistSam Diamond
Sound RecordistChris Youle Grayling
Sound RecordistJacke Whitelee
Additional CameraNigel Bradley
Additional CameraTom Hayward
Additional CameraGeoffrey Sentamu
Series EditorJanet Lee
With thanks toJack Kibble-White
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Online EditorJon Bruce
Dubbing MixerKahl Henderson
Edit AssistantAlasdair MacRae
Edit AssistantFraser Rose
GraphicsCraig Caddis
GraphicsTrudy Shillum
Production RunnerClaudio Cadman
Production RunnerJames Costello
Production RunnerAlasdair May
Production RunnerScarlet Moore
Production RunnerJuliet Shardlow
Production RunnerHarry Truman
Archive ResearcherLeo Condie
Film EditorGordon Hayden
Film EditorDagmar Werner
Series ProducerMatthew Springford
ProducerJude Ho
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Production CoordinatorScott Leadbetter
Production ManagerSusan Grandison
Assistant ProducerLouise Arthur