Last updated 04 January 2022

Doctor Who: The Eighth of March

The Eighth of March

Story Number: 2 (BF)
No of Episodes: 4

Writer: Lisa McMullin, Lizzie Hopley, Gemma Langford, Sarah Grochala
Director: Helen Goldwyn

Starring: Sophie Aldred, Lisa Bowerman, Louise Jameson, Alex Kingston, Neve McIntosh, Ingrid Oliver, Jemma Redgrave, Catrin Stewart, Dan Starkey, Sylvester McCoy

Big Finish Release (United Kingdom):
First Broadcast: Friday 8th March 2019
Running Time: 5 hours

Scattered through all of space and time, there are many women whose paths have crossed that of the Doctor.

Some were once fellow TARDIS travellers, some staunch allies defending the Earth, and one was the Doctor’s wife…

From Victorian London, to an intergalactic convention, from the offices of UNIT, to an impossible university library – on the 8th of March, four very different adventures will unfold.

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