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Last updated 31 May 2015

The Science of Doctor Who

The Science of Doctor Who

World Premiere: Sat 4 Aug 2012 - 9:00pm EDT [BBC America]
Running Time: 45 minutes

Think The Doctor's Time Traveling is science-fiction... or science-fact? Find out in BBC America's All New Special THE SCIENCE OF DOCTOR WHO. Here, join DW Executive Producer and lead writer STEVEN MOFFAT plus big-time scientists like Theoretical Physicists MICHIO KAKU & JIM AL KHALILI and Space Scientist MAGGIE ADERIN POCOCK as they debate the possibility of time travel using Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity and wormholes.

But hold on tight, this is tricky business. Says MOFFAT, "I have tried to read up on it... and oh my goodness, it's difficult!"