Sarah Jane meets a murdering Sontaran
Sarah Jane is confronted by a Sontaran who has been sent to Earth to conduct experiments on humans. When her astronaut companion attempts to escape, the Sontaran Field Major demonstrates why his race are so feared.

"Trafalgar Square Should be That Way!"
Landing on a newly healed Earth, the Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry figure out their surroundings.

The Doctor vs Major Styre
The Doctor challenges the Sontaran Styre, while Harry and Sarah carry out the plan to save humanity!

The Doctor is Abducted!
Harry is stuck in a hole, and the Doctor is abducted by mysterious humans! Is it up to Sarah to save the day?

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

The Sontaran Experiment:
Relive some highlights of the Fourth Doctor serial 'The Sontaran Experiment'!

Credit: BBC Studios