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05 Oct 2013BFI Q&A

Eighth Doctor Titles:
Paul McGann's title sequence, which ran during Doctor Who: The Movie (1996)

The Doctor is shot in gang war:
The TARDIS materialises in the middle of a gang's turf war. The Doctor is caught in the crossfire but helped to hospital by Chang Lee. But what is the sentient ooze escaping from the TARDIS?

The Master steals the Doctor's regenerations
The Master uses his control of Dr Holloway to open the Eye of Harmony, though this breaks his control of her, while the Master begins the process of transferring the Doctor's remaining regenerations to him.

Seventh Doctor regenerates:
Late at night inside a morgue, The Doctor regenerates into his eighth incarnation.

The 8th Doctor explains regeneration:
Doctor Grace Holloway examines The Doctor and is shocked by what she discovers.

The Eighth Doctor recalls Gallifrey:
Doctor Grace Holloway is perplexed by what she sees under the microscope. She and The Doctor take a late-night stroll and memories of childhood on Gallifrey come flooding back.

Motorcycle chase
Grace and The Doctor steal a cop's motor bike to escape The Master and his new cohort Chang Lee.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Paul McGann's Doctor Who audition tape teaser:
In the mid 1990s, rights to make new Doctor Who were acquired by American producer Philip Segal. Commissioning a new series "Bible" - one that saw the Doctor and his half-brother the Master, searching for their long-lost father Ulysses - Segal began auditioning potential Doctors. Although much of this Bible was dispensed with in the eventual 1996 movie, Paul McGann auditioned using scripts based on these ideas. Taken from Doctor Who: The Movie DVD release.

The Other Eighth Doctor?:
After Doctor Who left television screens in 1989, many possible routes were investigated for the show's return. In 1991, Doctor Who Magazine reported on claims that an independent production company had made pilots for a new series, starring an actor called David Burton as the eighth incarnation of the Doctor... With contributions from current and former DWM editors Tom Spilsbury and Gary Russell, and David Burton himself, this clip is taken from Dr Forever! Lost in the Dark Dimension, which can be seen in full on Doctor Who: Inferno Special Edition DVD release


Doctor Who the Movie original '96 EP:
This Electronic Press kit was created by Fox for the original release back in 1996 for US audiences. Taken from Doctor Who: The Movie DVD release.


The TV Movie + Q&A
Actors Paul McGann and Daphne Ashbrook and director Geoff Sax discuss the making of the 1996 feature-length episode, McGann's single outing as the eighth Doctor. Although the pilot, shot in Vancouver, was a success with UK audiences, the remainder of the series was never commissioned.

LinkCredit: British Film Institute