Last updated 04 May 2015

Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks

Victory of the Daleks

Story Number: 205 (11.1.3)
No of Episodes: 1

Writer: Mark Gatiss
Director: Andrew Gunn
Executive Producer: Steven Moffat

Starring: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Ian McNeice, Bill Paterson

BBC One (United Kingdom):
First Broadcast: Saturday 17th April 2010
Running Time: 41 minutes, 15 seconds

Average Audience: 7.82 Million   Average AI: 84

The Doctor has been summoned by an old friend, but in the Cabinet War Rooms far below the streets of blitz-torn London, it's his oldest enemy he finds waiting for him, as the time-travelling adventures continue. The Daleks are back – but can Winston Churchill be in league with them?