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On This Day (USA) - 4 July

Marcus Wilson was 44 - 40 credits, including Producer for The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon

Marcus Wilison is a Television producer whose work includes Taggart, Paradox, Whitechapel, True Dare Kiss, Life on Mars, No Angels and Cutting It.

Jonathan Lewis Owen was 46 - credited as Banana Boat in Something Borrowed(TW)

Jonathan Lewis Owen played Colin Davies in the Torchwood television story Something Borrowed

Jo Whiley was 52 - 3 credits, including Self in Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor(Factual)

Jo  Whiley is an English radio disc jockey and television presenter. 

She was the host of the long running weekday Jo Whiley Show on BBC Radio 1.

Kathleen Bidmead (died 2004 aged 76) would have been 90 - 6 credits, including Production Unit Manager for Shada

Kathleen Bidmead played a woman in the 1989 story Survival as well as appearing an an extra in several other stories,

Also worked on BreakoutLondon's BurningCasualtyThe BillHi-de-Hi!The Murder at the VicarageKing of the Ghetto