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Peter Bennett

Last updated 22 January 2015

Peter Bennett has worked on
Doctor Who 44 episodes
Torchwood 7 episodes
Factual 3 episodes

Acting Credits
2009Factual: Lords and MastersSelf
2010Factual: Allons-y!
Factual: All about the Girl
2014Factual: Doctor Who Extra: Kill The Moon
Production Credits
2005Bad WolfFirst Assistant Director
The Parting of the WaysFirst Assistant Director
2006Tooth and ClawFirst Assistant Director
The Girl in the FireplaceFirst Assistant Director
The Idiot's LanternFirst Assistant Director
Fear HerFirst Assistant Director
Torchwood: Everything ChangesFirst Assistant Director
Torchwood: Day OneFirst Assistant Director
The Runaway BrideFirst Assistant Director
2007Daleks in ManhattanFirst Assistant Director
Evolution of the DaleksFirst Assistant Director
The Sound of DrumsFirst Assistant Director
Last of the Time LordsFirst Assistant Director
Voyage of the DamnedFirst Assistant Director
2008The Doctor's DaughterProduction Manager
MidnightProduction Unit Manager
The Stolen EarthProduction Manager
Journey's EndProduction Manager
2009Torchwood: Children Of Earth: Day OneProducer
Torchwood: Children Of Earth: Day TwoProducer
Torchwood: Children Of Earth: Day ThreeProducer
Torchwood: Children Of Earth: Day FourProducer
Torchwood: Children Of Earth: Day FiveProducer
The End of Time: Part OneFirst Assistant Director
2010The End of Time: Part TwoFirst Assistant Director
The Beast BelowProducer
Victory of the DaleksProducer
The Hungry EarthProducer
Cold BloodProducer
The Pandorica OpensProducer
The Big BangProducer
Time HeistProducer
Kill The MoonProducer
Mummy On The Orient ExpressProducer
Dark WaterProducer
Death in HeavenProducer
2015The Magician's ApprenticeInfoProducer
The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar: Prologue (uncredited)Producer
The Witch's FamiliarProducer
The Zygon InvasionProducer
The Zygon InversionProducer
Heaven SentProducer
Hell BentProducer
2016The Return Of Doctor MysterioProducer
2017The PilotProducer
The Pyramid At The End Of The WorldProducer
World Enough And TimeProducer
The Doctor FallsProducer
Twice Upon A TimeProducer