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On This Day (USA) - 2 August

Real Time: Episode One premiered on BBC Online in 2002 at 12:00pm

Front Row: Doctor Who (odds on new Doctor) premiered on Radio 4 in 2013 at 7:15pm

We assess the form of the bookies' favourites for the next Doctor Who, including Peter Capaldi, better known as foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It.

Greg Austin was 27 - 9 credits, including Charlie in For Tonight We Might Die(Class)

Greg Austin is an actor, known for Mr Selfridge and Into the Surf.

He graduated from Arts Educational Schools, London in 2013 after already being cast in Mr. Selfridge in 2014. He also had a 2014 guest-starring role in an episode of Law & Order: UK.

Terence Bayler (died 2016 aged 86) - 2 credits, including Yendom in The Ark

Terence Bayler appeared in two Doctor Who stories.

In 1966 he played Yendom, one of the Monoids' slaves, in the First Doctor story The Ark. In 1969 he returned to the series playing Major Barrington, an officer in the British Army, in the final Second Doctor story, The War Games. Bayler was born in New Zealand, where he first trained as an actor, appearing the 1952 film Broken Barrier, playing a young journalist who falls in love with a Maori woman. 

After moving to the UK he made regular appearances on British Television appearing in Hamlet, Moonstrike, Compact, Maigret, Ivanhoe, The Brothers, Upstairs, Downstairs, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Squad, London's Burning, The Bill and Dangerfield

In 1971 he needed stitches above an eye after he was injured in a sword fight while the shooting Roman Polanski's 1971 film of Shakespeare's Macbeth where he played Macduff. Terence Bayler had a long association with the Monty Python team, appearing in Eric Idle's BBC TV seriesRutland Weekend Television as well as in The RutlesAll You Need Is Cash and in the play Pass The Butler. He appeared in two Terry Gilliam films, Time Bandits and Brazil. He had a small but memorable role in the file The Life of Brian declaring I’m Brian and so’s my wife

In later years he played the Bloody Baron in the Harry Potter films.

John Cross (died 1995 aged 92) - credited as Council Member in The Dominators

Actor who appeared in the 1968 story The Dominators

Edwin Richfield (died 1990 aged 68) - 2 credits, including Captain Hart in The Sea Devils

Edwin Richfield  was an English actor.

He had two major roles in Doctor Who, playing Captain Hart in the 1972 story The Sea Devils  and Mestor in the 1984 story The Twin Dilemma.

His film credits include: X the Unknown,Quatermass 2, The Camp on Blood Island, The Face of Fu Manchu and Quatermass and the Pit.

He starred in the 1959 television series Interpol Calling. He was The Odd Man in Granada TV's series of the same name in the early 1960s. Other television roles include: R3, 199 Park Lane,Gideon's Way, Danger Man, The Avengers (six episodes), Dixon of Dock Green, Z-Cars, Adam Adamant Lives!, The Baron, Champion House, Out of the Unknown, The Owl Service, UFO,Bergerac, and All Creatures Great and Small.