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On This Day (USA) - 15 October

The Tenth Planet: Episode 2 premiered on BBC One in 1966 at 5:50pm BST, watched by 6.40 million viewers.

Earth's energy is being drained away by the new planet, Mondas, and faces destruction. Cyberman invade the base and threaten to convert the humans into creatures like themselves.

The Invisible Enemy: Part Three premiered on BBC One in 1977 at 6:13pm BST, watched by 7.50 million viewers.

Warriors of Kudlak: Part One premiered on CBBC in 2007 at 5:30pm BST

Children's drama from the makers of Doctor Who. Luke and Clyde enter Combat 3000 - a game designed to train warriors - run by the sinister Kudlak.

Prisoner of the Judoon: Episode One premiered on BBC One in 2009 at 4:35pm BST, watched by 0.73 million viewers.
Akin Gazi will be 40 - credited as Carter in The Doctor's Daughter

Actor who appeared in the 2008 story The Doctor's Daughter.

Geoffrey Colville (died 2006 aged 79) would be 95 - credited as Perry in The Evil of the Daleks
Richard Mathews (died 1992 aged 77) - credited as Rassilon in The Five Doctors

Richard Mathews played Rassilon in the 1983 Doctor Who story The Five Doctors.

Other credits include Harnessing PeacocksLadykillersThe Walls of JerichoSquare Mile of MurderBeryl's LotChildren of the StonesChurchill's PeopleCrown CourtZ CarsDixon of Dock GreenW. Somerset MaughamCallanMr. RoseR3Emergency-Ward 10