Anthony Lamb

Last updated 03 March 2016

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Cover Art: Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code[BF]; Echoes of Grey[BF]; A Town Called Fortune[BF]; Short Trips Volume 01[BF]; Peri and the Piscon Paradox[BF]; The Crimes of Thomas Brewster[BF]; The Feast of Axos[BF]; Short Trips Volume 02[BF]; Industrial Evolution[BF]; Heroes of Sontar[BF]; Kiss of Death[BF]; Short Trips Volume 03[BF]; Rat Trap[BF]; Short Trips Volume 04[BF]; Recorded Time and Other Stories[BF]; Beyond the Ultimate Adventure[BF]; The Uncertainty Principle[BF]; White Ghosts[BF]; Eldrad Must Die![BF]; The Lady of Mercia[BF]; Prisoners of Fate[BF]; Council of War[BF]; Mastermind[BF]; Upstairs[BF]; 1963: Fanfare for the Common Men[BF]; Ghost in the Machine[BF]; 1963: The Space Race[BF]; Afterlife[BF]; The King of Sontar[BF]; The Crooked Man[BF]; The Evil One[BF]; Last of the Colophon[BF]; Destroy the Infinite[BF]; The Abandoned[BF]; Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories[BF]; Zygon Hunt[BF]; The Widow's Assassin[BF]; Masters of Earth[BF]; The Rani Elite[BF]; The Exxilons[BF]; The Darkness of Glass[BF]; Requiem for the Rocket Men[BF]; Death March[BF]; Suburban Hell[BF]; Return to Telos[BF]; Wave of Destruction[BF]; The Waters of Amsterdam[BF]; Aquitaine[BF]; The Labyrinth of Buda Castle[BF]; The Paradox Planet[BF]; The Curse of the Fugue[BF]; Legacy Of Death[BF]; This Sporting Life[BF]; Gallery of Ghouls[BF]; The Trouble with Drax[BF]; Lost and Found[BF]; The Blame Game[BF]; The Pursuit of History[BF]; Casualties Of Time[BF]; Damascus[BF]; A Full Life[BF]; Rulebook[BF]; The Man Who Wasn't There[BF]; The Hesitation Deviation[BF]; Forever Fallen[BF]; Graceless IV[BF]; Gardeners' Worlds[BF]; The Silent Scream[BF]; How To Win Planets And Influence People[BF]; Dethras[BF]; Flashpoint[BF]; The Haunting Of Malkin Place[BF]; Falling[BF]; Subterranea[BF]; The Movellan Grave[BF]; The High Price Of Parking[BF]; The Skin Of The Sleek[BF]; The British Invasion[BF]; The Blood Furnace[BF]; The Thief Who Stole Time[BF]; The Silurian Candidate[BF]; The Behemoth[BF]; The Ingenious Gentleman Adric Of Alzarius[BF]; The Middle[BF]; O Tannenbaum[BF]; Static[BF]; The Authentic Experience[BF]; Fourth Doctor - Series 7: Volume 1[BF]; Mel-evolent[BF]; The Turn Of The Screw[BF]; Fourth Doctor - Series 7: Volume 2[BF]; The Second Doctor Volume 02[BF]; A Small Semblance Of Home[BF]; I Am The Master[BF]; The Mistpuddle Murders[BF]; Warlock's Cross[BF]; The Devil's Footprints[BF]; Muse Of Fire[BF]; Fourth Doctor - The Syndicate Masterplan: Volume 1[BF]; Fourth Doctor - The Syndicate Masterplan: Volume 2[BF]; Fourth Doctor - Series 9: Volume 1; Fourth Doctor - Series 9: Volume 2; Shadow of the Sun
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Anthony Lamb

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