Rory Taylor

Last updated 04 May 2015

Rory Taylor
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Rory Taylor


Rory Taylor was one of the two directors of photography during the David Tennant era of Doctor Who. He began his cinematographic career on Doctor Who with Tooth and Claw. From then he alternated credit with Christopher Eccleston's only cinematographer, Ernie Vincze. 

He was also the cinematographer for Torchwood: Children of Earth and various episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Joining in the second series of BBC Wales' Doctor Who, Taylor's most obvious contribution was in pushing episodes towards warmer colours. This shift was particularly noticeable in interior TARDIS scenes. Perhaps the clearest example is the short scene where Donna Noble and the Tenth Doctor initially meet. Vincze had lit the original take of the scene in Doomsday, but Taylor was The Runaway Bride's director of photography. Because Vincze preferred to use gels that cast the set in blues and greens � and because Vincze tended to light for heavy areas of shadow in the console room � it would not have been possible for the production team to simply "lift" the scene from Doomsday and insert it into Bride, particularly because so much of the story was TARDIS-bound.

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