Nigel Whitmey

Last updated 27 July 2014

Nigel Whitmey
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Nigel Whitmey

Born: 1963 (age: 61)


Nigel Whitmey is a British Canadian-born actor who was born in AlbertaCanada, who has appeared in TV series and films. 

He appeared in the 2005 story Dalek.

Nigel Whitmey was born in Canada as his family emigrated there from LiverpoolEngland, where his father had been employed as a medical officer of health. He came to London in the mid-1980s to study drama atRADA and here he met actress Abigail Thaw whom he married in 1986 and has had two children with since - Molly Mae Whitmey (1997) and Talia Whitmey (2003). He has worked chiefly in Britain but did return to Canada to make the 1997 film 'Twilight of the Ice Nymphs' for Guy Maddin.