Pam Mullins

Last updated 17 July 2013

Pam Mullins has worked on
Doctor Who 58 episodes
Factual 1 episodes

Acting Credits
2009Factual: Desert StormSelf
Production Credits
2006The Runaway BrideMake-Up Artist
2007Smith and JonesMake-Up Artist
The Shakespeare CodeMake-Up Artist
GridlockMake-Up Artist
Daleks in ManhattanMake-Up Artist
Evolution of the DaleksMake-Up Artist
The Lazarus ExperimentMake-Up Artist
42Make-Up Artist
Human NatureMake-Up Artist
The Family of BloodMake-Up Artist
UtopiaMake-Up Artist
The Sound of DrumsMake-Up Artist
Last of the Time LordsMake-Up Artist
Voyage of the DamnedMake-Up Artist
2008Partners in CrimeMake-Up Artist
The Fires of PompeiiMake-Up Artist
Planet of the OodMake-Up Artist
The Sontaran StratagemMake-Up Artist
The Poison SkyMake-Up Artist
The Doctor's DaughterMake-Up Artist
The Unicorn and the WaspMake-Up Artist
Silence in the LibraryMake-Up Artist
Forest of the DeadMake-Up Artist
MidnightMake-Up Artist
The Stolen EarthMake-Up Artist
Journey's EndMake-Up Artist
The Next DoctorMake-Up Artist
2009Planet of the DeadMake-Up Artist
The Waters of MarsMake-Up Artist
The End of Time: Part OneMake-Up Artist
2010The End of Time: Part TwoMake-Up Artist
The Eleventh HourMake-Up Supervisor
The Beast BelowMake-Up Supervisor
Victory of the DaleksMake-Up Supervisor
The Time of AngelsMake-Up Supervisor
Flesh and StoneMake-Up Supervisor
The Vampires of VeniceMake-Up Supervisor
Amy's ChoiceMake-Up Supervisor
The Hungry EarthMake-Up Supervisor
Cold BloodMake-Up Supervisor
Vincent and the DoctorMake-Up Supervisor
The LodgerMake-Up Supervisor
The Pandorica OpensMake-Up Supervisor
The Big BangMake-Up Supervisor
A Christmas CarolMake-Up Supervisor
2011The Impossible AstronautMake-Up Supervisor
Day of the MoonMake-Up Supervisor
The Curse of the Black SpotMake-Up Supervisor
The Doctor's WifeMake-Up Supervisor
The Rebel FleshMake-Up Supervisor
The Almost PeopleMake-Up Supervisor
A Good Man Goes to WarMake-Up Supervisor
Let's Kill HitlerMake-Up Supervisor
Night TerrorsMake-Up Supervisor
The Girl Who WaitedMake-Up Supervisor
The God ComplexMake-Up Supervisor
Closing TimeMake-Up Supervisor
The Wedding of River SongMake-Up Supervisor