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Matthew Clarke

Last updated 08 December 2013

Matthew Clarke has worked on
Doctor Who 53 episodes
Torchwood 3 episodes
The Sarah Jane Adventures 1 episodes

Production Credits
2005RoseOnline Editor
The End Of The WorldOnline Editor
The Unquiet DeadOnline Editor
Aliens of LondonOnline Editor
World War ThreeOnline Editor
DalekOnline Editor
The Long GameOnline Editor
Father's DayOnline Editor
The Empty ChildOnline Editor
The Doctor DancesOnline Editor
Boom TownOnline Editor
Bad WolfOnline Editor
The Parting of the WaysOnline Editor
The Christmas InvasionOnline Editor
2006New EarthOnline Editor
Tooth and ClawOnline Editor
School ReunionOnline Editor
The Girl in the FireplaceOnline Editor
The Idiot's LanternOnline Editor
The Impossible PlanetOnline Editor
The Satan PitOnline Editor
Fear HerOnline Editor
Army of GhostsOnline Editor
DoomsdayOnline Editor
Torchwood: Everything ChangesOn Line Editor
Torchwood: Day OneOn Line Editor
Torchwood: Ghost MachineOn Line Editor
The Runaway BrideOnline Editor
2007The Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the BaneOnline Editor
Smith and JonesOnline Editor
The Shakespeare CodeOnline Editor
GridlockOnline Editor
Daleks in ManhattanOnline Editor
Evolution of the DaleksOnline Editor
The Lazarus ExperimentOnline Editor
42Online Editor
Voyage of the DamnedOnline Editor
2008Partners in CrimeOnline Editor
The Fires of PompeiiOnline Editor
Planet of the OodOnline Editor
The Sontaran StratagemOnline Editor
The Poison SkyOnline Editor
The Unicorn and the WaspOnline Editor
Silence in the LibraryOnline Editor
Forest of the DeadOnline Editor
MidnightOnline Editor
Turn LeftOnline Editor
Journey's EndOnline Editor
2010The Eleventh HourOnline Conform
The Beast BelowOnline Conform
Victory of the DaleksOnline Conform
The Time of AngelsOnline Conform
Flesh and StoneOnline Conform
The Vampires of VeniceOnline Conform
The Hungry EarthOnline Conform
Cold BloodOnline Conform
Vincent and the DoctorOnline Conform