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Derek Hunt

Last updated 23 March 2014

Derek Hunt has worked on
Doctor Who 36 episodes

Acting Credits
1967The Underwater Menace: Episode 1 (uncredited)Atlantean Guard
The Underwater Menace: Episode 3 (uncredited)(extra)
1969The War Games: Episode One (uncredited)British Soldier (in No Man's Land) (aka British Soldier)
The War Games: Episode Seven (uncredited)British Soldier
1970Spearhead From Space: Episode 4 (uncredited)(extra)
Inferno: Episode 1 (uncredited)Technician (inferno Project)
Inferno: Episode 2 (uncredited)
Inferno: Episode 3 (uncredited)
Inferno: Episode 4 (uncredited)
Inferno: Episode 5 (uncredited)
Inferno: Episode 7 (uncredited)
1972Day of the Daleks: Episode Four (uncredited)UNIT Soldier
1973Frontier In Space: Episode Two (uncredited)Prison Guard
Frontier In Space: Episode Three (uncredited)
1974Planet of the Spiders: Part Three (uncredited)Guard (aka Metabelis 3 Inhabitant)
1975The Android Invasion: Part One (uncredited)Android Mechanic
The Android Invasion: Part Two (uncredited)
The Android Invasion: Part Three (uncredited)
1977The Invisible Enemy: Part Two (uncredited)Bi-Al Member
The Invisible Enemy: Part Three (uncredited)
The Invisible Enemy: Part Four (uncredited)
1978The Invasion of Time: Part Four (uncredited)Time Lord
The Pirate Planet: Part One (uncredited)(extra)
1979Nightmare of Eden: Part One (uncredited)Passenger
Nightmare of Eden: Part Two (uncredited)
Nightmare of Eden: Part Three (uncredited)
1982Black Orchid: Part One (uncredited)Guest
Black Orchid: Part Two (uncredited)James (Footman)
1983Snakedance: Part One (uncredited)(extra)
Snakedance: Part Two (uncredited)
Snakedance: Part Three (uncredited)
Snakedance: Part Four (uncredited)
1984Planet of Fire: Part One (uncredited)Guard
Planet of Fire: Part Two (uncredited)
Planet of Fire: Part Three (uncredited)
Planet of Fire: Part Four (uncredited)