Peter Chester

Last updated 06 May 2014

Peter Chester has worked on
Doctor Who 83 episodes

Acting Credits
2008Planet of the Ood (uncredited)Double for Mr Halpen Double for Mr Halp (aka Mr Halpen)
Production Credits
2005RoseBest Boy
The End Of The WorldBest Boy
The Unquiet DeadBest Boy
Aliens of LondonBest Boy
World War ThreeBest Boy
DalekBest Boy
The Long GameBest Boy
Father's DayBest Boy
The Empty ChildBest Boy
The Doctor DancesBest Boy
Boom TownBest Boy
Bad WolfBest Boy
The Parting of the WaysBest Boy
The Christmas InvasionBest Boy
2006New EarthBest Boy
Tooth and ClawBest Boy
School ReunionBest Boy
The Girl in the FireplaceBest Boy
Rise of the CybermenBest Boy
The Age of SteelBest Boy
The Idiot's LanternBest Boy
The Impossible PlanetBest Boy
The Satan PitBest Boy
Love & MonstersGaffer
Fear HerBest Boy
Army of GhostsBest Boy
DoomsdayBest Boy
The Runaway BrideBest Boy
2007Smith and JonesBest Boy
The Shakespeare CodeBest Boy
GridlockBest Boy
Daleks in ManhattanBest Boy
Evolution of the DaleksBest Boy
The Lazarus ExperimentBest Boy
42Best Boy
UtopiaBest Boy
The Sound of DrumsBest Boy
Last of the Time LordsBest Boy
Voyage of the DamnedBest Boy
2008Partners in CrimeBest Boy
The Fires of PompeiiBest Boy
Planet of the OodBest Boy
The Sontaran StratagemBest Boy
The Poison SkyBest Boy
The Doctor's DaughterBest Boy
The Unicorn and the WaspBest Boy
Silence in the LibraryBest Boy
Forest of the DeadBest Boy
MidnightBest Boy
The Stolen EarthBest Boy
Journey's EndBest Boy
The Next DoctorBest Boy
2009Planet of the DeadBest Boy
The Waters of MarsBest Boy
The End of Time: Part OneBest Boy
2010The End of Time: Part TwoBest Boy
The Eleventh HourBest Boy
The Beast BelowBest Boy
Victory of the DaleksBest Boy
The Time of AngelsBest Boy
Flesh and StoneBest Boy
The Vampires of VeniceBest Boy
Amy's ChoiceBest Boy
The Hungry EarthBest Boy
Cold BloodBest Boy
Vincent and the DoctorBest Boy
The LodgerBest Boy
The Pandorica OpensBest Boy
The Big BangBest Boy
A Christmas CarolBest Boy
2011The Impossible AstronautBest Boy
Day of the MoonBest Boy
The Curse of the Black SpotBest Boy
The Doctor's WifeBest Boy
The Rebel FleshBest Boy
The Almost PeopleBest Boy
A Good Man Goes to WarBest Boy
Let's Kill HitlerBest Boy
Night TerrorsBest Boy
The Girl Who WaitedBest Boy
The God ComplexBest Boy
The Wedding of River SongBest Boy