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Alastair Cumming

Last updated 07 June 2016

Alastair Cumming
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Alastair G Cumming

Born: 1961 (age: 60)

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Alastair Cumming is an actor born in Malaya, the son of director Fiona Cumming.

Doctor Who was one of his earliest roles, appearing as Tegan's cousin Colin in Arc of Infinity. Further television roles included The Great Paper Chase, Kangaroo Valley, Grange Hill, Casualty, Ruth Ellis: A Life For A Life, and Skins. Theatre work includes The Time Of Your Life, The Taming Of The Shrew for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Romeo and Juliet, Come The Revolution and Men Without Shadows. He also played Nick Cave in the BBC Radio 2 drama Saint Nick. Film work includes Velvet Goldmine, The Wolves of Kromer, Oranges and Sunshine, Welcome To The Punch, and Crash Test AglaƩ.