Edward Thomas

Last updated 23 March 2017

Acting Credits
Self: TARDIS Tales[Factual]; The Daleks[Factual]; Weird Science[Factual]; The Ultimate Guide[Factual]; You've Got the Look[Factual]; Jack's Back[Factual]; Space Craft[Factual]; Desert Storm[Factual]; Is There Life on Mars?[Factual]; Lords and Masters[Factual]; Allons-y![Factual]; Call Me The Doctor[Factual]; All about the Girl[Factual]; War Games[Factual]
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Production Credits
Designer: The Runaway Bride; Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks; The Infinite Quest; Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[TW]; Sleeper[TW]; To the Last Man[TW]; Meat[TW]; Adam[TW]; Reset[TW]; Dead Man Walking[TW]; A Day in the Death[TW]; Something Borrowed[TW]; From Out of the Rain[TW]; Adrift[TW]; Fragments[TW]; Exit Wounds[TW]; Children Of Earth: Day One[TW]; The New World[TW]; Music of the Spheres; Time Crash (Children in Need); Children in Need Special | as Production Designer: Rose; The End Of The World; The Unquiet Dead; Aliens of London / World War Three; Dalek; The Long Game; Father's Day; The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances; Boom Town; Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways; The Christmas Invasion; New Earth; Tooth and Claw; School Reunion; The Girl in the Fireplace; Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel; The Idiot's Lantern; The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit; Love & Monsters; Fear Her; Army of Ghosts / Doomsday; Everything Changes[TW]; Day One[TW]; Ghost Machine[TW]; Invasion of the Bane[SJA]; Smith and Jones; The Shakespeare Code; Gridlock; The Lazarus Experiment; 42; Human Nature / The Family of Blood; Blink; Utopia; The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords; Revenge of the Slitheen[SJA]; Eye of the Gorgon[SJA]; Warriors of Kudlak[SJA]; Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?[SJA]; The Lost Boy[SJA]; Voyage of the Damned; Partners in Crime; The Fires of Pompeii; Planet of the Ood; The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky; The Doctor's Daughter; The Unicorn and the Wasp; Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead; Midnight; Turn Left; The Stolen Earth / Journey's End; The Next Doctor; Planet of the Dead; The Waters of Mars; The End of Time; The Eleventh Hour; The Beast Below; Victory of the Daleks; The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone; The Vampires of Venice; The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood; Vincent and the Doctor; The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang
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Edward Thomas
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Edward Thomas

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Born in Swansea, South Wales, Edward Thomas had a keen interest in art and the theatre from an early age.  He completed a foundation course with a distinction in Art at Swansea College in 1989. He went on to graduate from Wimbledon School of Art with a BA (Hons) degree with a First for chief studies in 3 Dimensional Theatre Design in 1992. His career in theatre began at the Royal Opera House as Assistant Designer on the production of Tourandot.   

Over the following two years Thomas worked on art directing and designing various commercials before breaking into films, where he gained his first experience on the period feature - 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood', an adaptation of Charles Dickens unfinished detective story

His feature film career developed and he gained extensive experience working across Africa, and other parts of the world creating a diverse portfolio of 18 films include the western, Viking, family, fantasy, thriller, science fiction, period and contemporary genres.   

On his return to Wales, Thomas took on the task of setting up the Art Department and designing Doctor Who (Series 1 to 5) as well as Torchwood (Series 1 to 3), and the Sarah Jane Adventures. This is a dream come true for a lover of fantasy and science fiction, and for a great fan of Doctor Who since childhood. Thomas has received much recognition for his work; BAFTA Cymru and RTS Award nominations for Best Design, and a National BAFTA nomination for Break Through Talent. In 2006 he won a BAFTA Cymru Award for Best Design for his work on Torchwood, and in 2010 Best Design for Doctor Who Waters of Mars. 

Thomas has still kept an interest in theatre where he has also worked on various Shakespearian and musical theatrical productions with the Fluellen theatre company and the Wales Theatre Company. He currently resides in Swansea with his wife Nathalie and his daughters Nell and Macy.