Janet Fielding

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Tegan: Logopolis; Castrovalva; Four To Doomsday; Kinda; The Visitation; Black Orchid; Earthshock; Time-Flight; Arc of Infinity; Snakedance; Mawdryn Undead; Terminus; Enlightenment; The King's Demons; The Five Doctors; Warriors of the Deep; The Awakening; Frontios; Resurrection of the Daleks; The Caves of Androzani; A Fix With Sontarans[Misc]Info; The Gathering[BF]; Cobwebs[BF]; The Whispering Forest[BF]; The Cradle of the Snake[BF]; The Children of Seth[BF]; Heroes of Sontar[BF]; Kiss of Death[BF]; Rat Trap[BF]; The Elite[BF]; Hexagora[BF]; The Jupiter Conjunction[BF]; The Butcher of Brisbane[BF]; Eldrad Must Die![BF]; The Lady of Mercia[BF]; Prisoners of Fate[BF]; The Light at the End[BF]; The Fifth Doctor Boxset[BF]; Mistfall[BF]; Equilibrium[BF]; The Entropy Plague[BF]; The Waters of Amsterdam[BF]; Aquitaine[BF]; The Peterloo Massacre[BF]; The Star Men[BF]; The Contingency Club[BF]; Zaltys[BF]; Time In Office[BF]; Kingdom Of Lies[BF]; Ghost Walk[BF]; Serpent In The Silver Mask[BF]; Devil In The Mist[BF]; Black Thursday / Power Game[BF]; The Kamelion Empire[BF]; Tartarus[BF]; Interstitial / Feast of Fear[BF]; Nightmare Country[BF]; Warzone / Conversion[BF]; Thin Time / Madquake; The Lost Resort and Other Stories; Forty 1; Forty 2; The Power of the Doctor; Conflicts of Interest; In the Night; The Emerald Tiger[BF]; Smoke and Mirrors[BF]
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Janet Fielding
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Janet Claire Mahoney

Born: Wednesday 9th September 1953 (age: 70)


Janet Fielding  is an Australian actress, known for her role  as Tegan Jovanka, a companion of the Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker, and the Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison. 

She was born in Brisbane. As 'Janet Claire Fielding' she made her UK TV debut in the Hammer House of Horror episode Charlie Boy, which aired in October 1980 as she was announced as the new Doctor Who companion. Fielding played the part between 1981 and 1984. She made a guest appearance on Jim'll Fix It in a Doctor Who related sketch alongside Colin Baker's Doctor in 1985 (A Fix with Sontarans).

 In 1984, she had a role in the ITV children's drama Murphy's Mob, followed in 1985 with a part in Hold The Back Page. In the 1990s, Fielding worked as a theatrical agent, at one point representing Paul McGann when he took the role of the Eighth Doctor. She returned to acting and the role of Tegan for Big Finish Productions audio plays including The Gathering (2006), Cobwebs and The Cradle of the Snake alongside Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor. 

Fielding has also provided audio commentaries for several DVD releases of Tegan's Doctor Who stories. She also appeared in DVD extras for Frontier in Space and Planet of the Daleks, stories in which she did not appear, where she provided forthright critique on the portrayal of female characters in the serials. Fielding has also worked as the head of finance for a charity, One Plus One.

She was married to editor Nicholas Davies between 1982 and 1991, and was also a partner of Michael Percival for a number of years.