UNIT Soldier

Last updated 28 March 2020

UNIT Soldier has appeared in:
9 episodes of Doctor Who
1 episode of Factual

1970Spearhead From Space: Episode 1 (uncredited)Ian Smith
Spearhead From Space: Episode 2 (uncredited)
Spearhead From Space: Episode 3 (uncredited)
1971The Dæmons: Episode Five (uncredited)George Mackie
The Dæmons: Episode Five (uncredited)Terry Denton
The Dæmons: Episode Five (uncredited)Jim Davidson
The Dæmons: Episode Five (uncredited)Andrew Butcher
The Dæmons: Episode Five (uncredited)Paul Stone
1993Factual: UNIT Recruiting Film (as Unit Soldier (Narrator)) (uncredited)Dexter Fletcher
2005The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Greg Bennet
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Jim Thuraisingham
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Marcus Hobbs
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Eddie Martin
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Hopcyn Bird
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Geraint Jones
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Alun Cowles
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Alan Hern
2007The Sound of Drums (uncredited)Kevin Hudson
The Sound of Drums (uncredited)Richard Turland
The Sound of Drums (uncredited)Jason Ingram
The Sound of Drums (uncredited)Alan Bond Ballard
The Sound of Drums (uncredited)Jai Gomer
The Sound of Drums (uncredited)Luke Postians
The Sound of Drums (uncredited)Ian Hilditch
The Sound of Drums (uncredited)Nigel Hobbs
The Sound of Drums (uncredited)Marcus Hobbs
The Sound of Drums (uncredited)Craig Bowden
Last of the Time Lords (uncredited)Chris Lee
2008Turn Left (as UNIT Soldier (TARDIS warehouse)) (uncredited)Meryl Herbert
2012The Power Of Three (uncredited)Dale Henry
The Power Of Three (uncredited)Sion Price
The Power Of Three (uncredited)Dean Anderson
The Power Of Three (uncredited)Joe Malik
The Power Of Three (uncredited)Justin Beaver
The Power Of Three (uncredited)Anne Gallagher
The Power Of Three (uncredited)Darren Thompson
The Power Of Three (uncredited)Leigh Aliss
The Power Of Three (uncredited)Justin Rogers
The Power Of Three (uncredited)Kate Powell
The Power Of Three (uncredited)Chester Durrant
The Power Of Three (uncredited)Steve Dury
The Power Of Three (uncredited)Adam Sykes