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Chrissie Jackson

Last updated 20 April 2015

Chrissie Jackson - Image Credit: BBC
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Chrissie Jackson was the ex-wife of Alan Jackson and the mother of Maria Jackson.

Chrissie and Alan divorced not long before Alan and Maria moved to Bannerman Road, and despite the separation, Chrissie continued to take an active role in Maria's life, often stopping by Alan's house unannounced.

Chrissie was involved in a relationship with a man named Ivan, which led to friction with Maria, who accused Chrissie of walking out on her family. This friction reached a head when Chrissie briefly moved back in with Alan and Maria during a brief estrangement with Ivan.

Chrissie expressed a mixture of distrust and jealousy over Maria and Alan's relationship with their neighbour, Sarah Jane Smith. Her instinct appeared to be confirmed when Sarah Jane was suspected of kidnapping her adopted son, Luke Smith, from another family, and it was Chrissie who notified the police.

She defeated Kaagh by swinging the heel of her high heel into his probic vent. However, as a side effect, she was electrocuted and temporarily knocked unconscious. Maria gave her gas, developed by Luke, to knock her out, making her supposedly forget about aliens. However, she later revealed that she remembered everything, but she didn't tell Maria or Alan as she thought they deserved a fresh start. The only one who knew this was Sarah Jane.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA