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Tom Baker: Robot; The Ark In Space; The Sontaran Experiment; Genesis of the Daleks; Revenge of the Cybermen; Terror of the Zygons; Planet of Evil; Pyramids of Mars; The Android Invasion; The Brain of Morbius; The Seeds of Doom; Doctor Who and The Pescatons[Misc]; The Masque of Mandragora; The Hand Of Fear; The Deadly Assassin; The Face of Evil; The Robots of Death; The Talons of Weng-Chiang; Horror of Fang Rock; The Invisible Enemy; Image of the Fendahl; The Sun Makers; Underworld; The Invasion of Time; The Ribos Operation; The Pirate Planet; The Stones of Blood; The Androids of Tara; The Power of Kroll; The Armageddon Factor; Destiny of the Daleks; City of Death; The Creature from the Pit; Nightmare of Eden; The Horns of Nimon; The Leisure Hive; Meglos; Full Circle; State of Decay; Warriors' Gate; The Keeper of Traken; Logopolis; Castrovalva(uncredited) (from archive recording); Earthshock(uncredited) (from archive recording)Info; Mawdryn Undead(uncredited) (from archive recording)Info; The Fourth Doctor Boxset[BF]; Destination: Nerva[BF]; The Renaissance Man[BF]; The Wrath of the Iceni[BF]; Energy of the Daleks[BF]; Trail of the White Worm[BF]; The Oseidon Adventure[BF]; The Auntie Matter[BF]; White Ghosts[BF]; The Sands of Life[BF]; War Against the Laan[BF]; The Justice of Jalxar[BF]; The Name of the Doctor(uncredited) (from archive recording)Info; Phantoms of the Deep[BF]; The Dalek Contract[BF]; The Final Phase[BF]; The Light at the End[BF]; The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot(uncredited)[Misc] (from archive recording)Info; Night of the Stormcrow[BF]; The King of Sontar[BF]; The Crooked Man[BF]; The Evil One[BF]; Last of the Colophon[BF]; Destroy the Infinite[BF]; The Abandoned[BF]; Zygon Hunt[BF]; Philip Hinchcliffe Presents[BF]; The Exxilons[BF]; The Romance of Crime[BF]; The English Way of Death[BF]; The Darkness of Glass[BF]; Requiem for the Rocket Men[BF]; Death March[BF]; The Well-Mannered War[BF]; Suburban Hell[BF]; The Cloisters of Terror[BF]; The Fate of Krelos[BF]; The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar(uncredited) (from archive recording)Info; Return to Telos[BF]; Wave of Destruction[BF]; The Labyrinth of Buda Castle[BF]; The Paradox Planet[BF]; Legacy Of Death[BF]; Gallery of Ghouls[BF]; The Trouble with Drax[BF]; The Pursuit of History[BF]; Casualties Of Time[BF]; Philip Hinchcliffe Presents: The Genesis Chamber[BF]; The Beast Of Kravenos[BF]; The Eternal Battle[BF]; The Silent Scream[BF]; Dethras[BF]; The Haunting Of Malkin Place[BF]; Subterranea[BF]; The Movellan Grave[BF]; The Skin Of The Sleek[BF]; The Thief Who Stole Time[BF]; Shada; Fourth Doctor - Series 7: Volume 1[BF]; Fourth Doctor - Series 7: Volume 2[BF]; Diary of River Song: Series 4[BF]; Fourth Doctor - The Syndicate Masterplan: Volume 1[BF]; Fourth Doctor - The Syndicate Masterplan: Volume 2[BF]; The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 01[BF]; The Legacy of Time[BF]; Philip Hinchcliffe Presents 3[BF] | as Dr Who: Exploration Earth[Misc] | as The Doctor: The Five Doctors (from archive recording)Info; Dimensions In Time[Misc]; The Day of The Doctor | as The Fourth Doctor: Destiny Of the Doctors[Games] | as The new Dr Who: Planet of the Spiders(uncredited)
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Terry Walsh: as Double for Doctor Who: The Androids of Tara(uncredited) | as Stunt Double for Doctor Who: The Sontaran Experiment(uncredited); Revenge of the Cybermen(uncredited); Planet of Evil(uncredited); The Android Invasion(uncredited); The Masque of Mandragora(uncredited); The Deadly Assassin(uncredited)Info; The Face of Evil(uncredited); The Creature from the Pit(uncredited) | as Stunt Double for The Doctor: The Android Invasion(uncredited)
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Alan Chuntz: as Stunt Double for Doctor Who: Planet of Evil(uncredited)Info
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Eddie Powell: as Stunt Double for Doctor Who: The Deadly Assassin(uncredited)Info
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Stuart Fell: as Stunt Double for Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang(uncredited)
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Steve Lucas: as Double for Doctor Who: Destiny of the Daleks(uncredited)Info
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Thomas Taylor: as Double for Tom Baker Doctor: The Day of The Doctor(uncredited) | as Double for Fourth Doctor: The Name of the Doctor(uncredited)
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Filled with wanderlust and a renewed curiosity towards exploring time and space, the Fourth Doctor left all ties of his previous incarnation's exile behind on Earth, setting off to travel the Cosmos. He initially travelled with Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan, but Harry chose to remain on Earth when the opportunity arose. The Doctor and Sarah continued on their adventures until the Doctor was summoned to Gallifrey, necessitating that he leave Sarah Jane behind as humans were not allowed on Gallifrey at that time.

After leaving Gallifrey, he met and travelled with Leela of the Sevateem. During his travels with Leela, the Doctor gained a new companion in the robot dog, K9. Returning once more to Gallifrey to stop an invasion, Leela and the original K9 stayed behind there. On the White Guardian's orders, the Doctor began looking for the Key to Time with fellow Time Lady Romana and K9 Mark II. Once that search was concluded, the Doctor and Romana went on the run from the Black Guardian. Not long after, Romana regenerated into a new body and continued to travel with the Doctor and K9. When they attempted to answer a Gallifreyan summons, the trio accidentally passed into the smaller universe of E-Space.

During his travels in E-Space, the Doctor gained a new companion in the teenaged mathematical genius Adric. Romana and K9 stayed behind in E-Space as the Doctor and Adric departed for N-Space. There, they encountered a Trakenite princess named Nyssa and a human Tegan. The foursome successfully prevented the destruction of the universe by the Master — but only at the cost of this incarnation's life.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA



Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Leela, Voice of K-9, Romana, Romana, Adric, Nyssa, Tegan

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