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Effects Assistant

Last updated 28 March 2020

Effects Assistant has been credited in:
32 episodes of Doctor Who

1968The Dominators: Episode 1 (uncredited)Alan Whibley
The Dominators: Episode 2 (uncredited)
The Dominators: Episode 3 (uncredited)
The Dominators: Episode 4 (uncredited)
The Dominators: Episode 5 (uncredited)
1969The War Games: Episode One (uncredited)Dave Havard
The War Games: Episode Two (uncredited)
The War Games: Episode Three (uncredited)
The War Games: Episode Four (uncredited)
The War Games: Episode Five (uncredited)
The War Games: Episode Six (uncredited)
The War Games: Episode Seven (uncredited)
The War Games: Episode Eight (uncredited)
The War Games: Episode Nine (uncredited)
The War Games: Episode Ten (uncredited)
1971Terror of the Autons: Episode One (uncredited)Peter Pegrum
Terror of the Autons: Episode Two (uncredited)
Terror of the Autons: Episode Three (uncredited)
Terror of the Autons: Episode Four (uncredited)
The Dæmons: Episode One (uncredited)Ricky Grosser
The Dæmons: Episode One (uncredited)Tony Harding
The Dæmons: Episode One (uncredited)Len Hutton
The Dæmons: Episode Two (uncredited)Ricky Grosser
The Dæmons: Episode Two (uncredited)Tony Harding
The Dæmons: Episode Two (uncredited)Len Hutton
The Dæmons: Episode Three (uncredited)Ricky Grosser
The Dæmons: Episode Three (uncredited)Tony Harding
The Dæmons: Episode Three (uncredited)Len Hutton
The Dæmons: Episode Four (uncredited)Ricky Grosser
The Dæmons: Episode Four (uncredited)Tony Harding
The Dæmons: Episode Four (uncredited)Len Hutton
The Dæmons: Episode Five (uncredited)Ricky Grosser
The Dæmons: Episode Five (uncredited)Tony Harding
The Dæmons: Episode Five (uncredited)Len Hutton
1976The Masque of Mandragora: Part One (uncredited)Ken Bomphray
The Masque of Mandragora: Part Two (uncredited)
The Masque of Mandragora: Part Three (uncredited)
The Masque of Mandragora: Part Four (uncredited)
1981Warriors' Gate: Part One (uncredited)Bryony Keating
Warriors' Gate: Part One (uncredited)Charlie Lumm
Warriors' Gate: Part One (uncredited)Steve Lucas
Warriors' Gate: Part Two (uncredited)
Warriors' Gate: Part Two (uncredited)Bryony Keating
Warriors' Gate: Part Two (uncredited)Charlie Lumm
Warriors' Gate: Part Three (uncredited)Steve Lucas
Warriors' Gate: Part Three (uncredited)Bryony Keating
Warriors' Gate: Part Three (uncredited)Charlie Lumm
Warriors' Gate: Part Four (uncredited)Bryony Keating
Warriors' Gate: Part Four (uncredited)Charlie Lumm
Warriors' Gate: Part Four (uncredited)Steve Lucas