The Doctor

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Sylvester McCoy: Time and the Rani; Paradise Towers; Delta and the Bannermen; Dragonfire; Remembrance of the Daleks; The Happiness Patrol; Silver Nemesis; The Greatest Show in the Galaxy; Battlefield; Ghost Light; The Curse of Fenric; Survival; Dimensions In Time[Misc]; The Sirens of Time[BF]; The Fearmonger[BF]; The Genocide Machine[BF]; The Fires of Vulcan[BF]; The Shadow of the Scourge[BF]; Last of the Titans[BF]; Dust Breeding[BF]; Death Comes To Time[Misc]; Colditz[BF]; Excelis Decays[BF]; The Rapture[BF]; Bang-Bang-a-Boom![BF]; The Dark Flame[BF]; Project: Lazarus[BF]; Flip-Flop[BF]; Master[BF]; Children in Need[Related]; The Harvest[BF]; Dreamtime[BF]; Unregenerate![BF]; LIVE 34[BF]; Night Thoughts[BF]; The Settling[BF]; Red[BF]; No Man's Land[BF]; Nocturne[BF]; Valhalla[BF]; Frozen Time[BF]; Return of the Daleks[BF]; The Dark Husband[BF]; The Death Collectors / Spider's Shadow[BF]; Kingdom of Silver / Keepsake[BF]; Forty-Five[BF]; The Magic Mousetrap[BF]; Enemy of the Daleks[BF]; The Angel of Scutari[BF]; A Thousand Tiny Wings[BF]; Survival of the Fittest[BF]; The Architects of History[BF]; Project: Destiny[BF]; A Death in the Family[BF]; Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge[BF]; The Four Doctors[BF]; Thin Ice[BF]; Crime of the Century[BF]; Animal[BF]; Robophobia[BF]; Earth Aid[BF]; The Doomsday Quatrain[BF]; House of Blue Fire[BF]; Protect and Survive[BF]; Black and White[BF]; Project: Nirvana[BF]; Gods and Monsters[BF]; UNIT: Dominion[BF]; Love and War[BF]; The Shadow Heart[BF]; The Name of the Doctor(uncredited) (from archive recording)Info; Persuasion[BF]; Starlight Robbery[BF]; Daleks Among Us[BF]; The Light at the End[BF]; The Day of The Doctor (from archive recording); 1963: The Assassination Games[BF]; Afterlife[BF]; New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: Volume One[BF]; Revenge of the Swarm[BF]; Mask of Tragedy[BF]; Signs and Wonders[BF]; The Highest Science[BF]; The Defectors[BF]; Damaged Goods[BF]; The Triumph of Sutekh[BF]; We Are The Daleks[BF]; The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar(uncredited) (from archive recording)Info; The Warehouse[BF]; Terror of the Sontarans[BF]; You Are the Doctor and Other Stories[BF]; Theatre of War[BF]; All-Consuming Fire[BF]; Nightshade[BF]; The Two Masters[BF]; A Life of Crime[BF]; Fiesta Of The Damned[BF]; Maker Of Demons[BF]; Diary of River Song: Series 2[BF]; Original Sin[BF]; Shadow Planet / World Apart[BF]; The High Price Of Parking[BF]; The Blood Furnace[BF]; The Silurian Candidate[BF]; Red Planets[BF]; The Dispossessed[BF]; The Quantum Possibility Engine[BF]; Warlock's Cross[BF]; Seventh Doctor New Adventures: Volume 1[BF]; Muse Of Fire[BF]; The Eighth of March[BF]; The Monsters Of Gokroth[BF]; The Moons Of Vulpana[BF]; An Alien Werewolf In London[BF]; The Legacy of Time[BF]; Dark Universe[BF]; Subterfuge[BF]; The Flying Dutchman / Displaced; The Grey Man of the Mountain[BF]; The End of the Beginning[BF]; The Power of the Doctor; Classic Doctors, New Monsters (Volume One)[BF]; The Psychic Circus[BF]; The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure[BF] | as The Old Doctor: The TV Movie | as The Seventh Doctor: Destiny Of the Doctors[Games]
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Paul Heasman: as Stunt Double for The Doctor: Silver Nemesis(uncredited)
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Mike Langlois: as Stunt Double for The Old Doctor: The TV Movie(uncredited)
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Phil Brown: as Double for Sylvester McCoy Doctor: The Day of The Doctor(uncredited)
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The Doctor -
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The Doctor

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Originally a man with the demeanor of an eccentric, light-hearted buffoon, the Seventh Doctor's jolly persona darkened into that of a mysterious, cunning manipulator to properly combat the return of Fenric. Though he delighted in humorous reverie, it was only the surface layer of his true nature. Beneath, he was a Machiavellian genius of frightful calibre who tactfully used his mind to control nearly all situations into reaching his personal favoured outcome. Despite this, he could also show profound warmth and affection to his companions, and built a strong bond with many of them.

Initially, the Seventh Doctor travelled with Melanie Bush, his predecessor's final companion. After several adventures with Mel, she left to travel with Sabalom Glitz. The Time Lord then began adventuring with Ace, a troubled teenager from the 1980s. The Doctor did his best to help heal Ace's psychological wounds by helping her overcome or come to terms with her past misdeeds and fears. Though he initially planned to take Ace home, they ultimately travelled together for several years.

After many years in this incarnation, the Seventh Doctor regenerated in San Francisco on 31 December 1999, following gunshot wounds and Dr Grace Holloway's subsequent exploratory surgery with a camera accidently clogging a vein. Anaesthetic also nearly prevented him from regenerating, and left his next incarnation with near-total amnesia.

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