Last updated 17 April 2017



Series Episode Number: 327

First Broadcast: Sat 30 Sep 2006 - ~8:00pm UTC (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 77 minutes 27 seconds

Recorded on Mon 31 Jul 2006 in The Moat Studios

"I find it fascinating that a living creature would subject itself to such dangerous experimentation. Knowing that it would die.."
The Kaled and Thal races are at war. No one really remembers why, or when it started, but generations of people on both sides have lost so very much.
Born into an influential family is Davros. Now aged sixteen, he is being pulled in various directions his father wants him to follow tradition and go into the military. His sister has joined the Military Youth and his scheming, devoted mother wants him to pursue a life of science.
But no one seems terribly interested in what Davros himself wants. So he must begin to assert himself, begin to take control over his own life, begin to work towards his destiny.