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The Judas Gift

The Judas Gift

Release: 96

First Released: Mon 30 Apr 2007 (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 73 minutes 54 seconds

Recorded on Sun 04 Feb 2007

The Braxiatel Collection. Once it was a home, a haven, one of the 800 Wonders of the Universe. Not any more.
Draconia and the Mim are at war and the Collection is caught in the crossfire. Its future hangs in the balance as Bernice tries to fathom the motives of a new Draconian ambassador.
Director Bev Tarrant must use every trick she knows if the Collection is to survive. She's been a smuggler, a killer and a thief, but all that's behind her now. Isn't it?
Beware your sins will find you out. Especially when you accept the Judas Gift.
They'll just have to do something impossible…