Last updated 15 December 2018

Doctor Who: Bad Blood

Bad Blood

Story Number: 63
No of Episodes: 1

Director: Ailsa Jenkins

Starring: Anthony Head, David Tennant, Richard Harris, Paul Kelly, Danny Hargreaves, Russell T Davies, Paul Cornell, Freema Agyeman, Joseph Lidster, Tracie Simpson, Charles Palmer, Rebekah Staton, Harry Lloyd, Neill Gorton

BBC Three (United Kingdom):
First Broadcast: Saturday 2nd June 2007
Running Time: 45 minutes

This episode goes behind the scenes of The Family of Blood

With the Family of Blood breathing down the neck of the Doctor's alter ego, time is running out for John Smith. There's a glimpse at a life more ordinary (for the Doctor) as well as a vision of the dark future ahead. The complexities of filming the episode are revealed, as well as the logistics behind the explosive ending. Features interviews with head writer Russell T Davies and Freema Aygeman on one of her toughest assignments yet.