Last updated 15 December 2018

Christmas Special 2010

Story Number: 104
No of Episodes: 1

Starring: Steven Moffat, Sanne Wohlenberg, Matt Smith, Beth Willis, Michael Gambon, Toby Haynes, Piers Wenger, Laurence Belcher, Katherine Jenkins, Danny Horn, Michael Pickwoad, Murray Gold

BBC Three (United Kingdom):
First Broadcast: Saturday 25th December 2010
Running Time: 1 hour

This episode goes behind the scenes of A Christmas Carol

All the behind-the-scenes merriment of a good old-fashioned Doctor Who Christmas.

Meet the Doctor and his companions as they set Cardiff alight and go backstage with the stars of the Dickensian Christmas Special.

Michael Gambon talks of swapping his wizard's wand for a taste of the Doctor's time-travelling magic and Katherine Jenkins waxes lyrical about her acting debut. Plus interviews with Matt Smith, Michael Gambon, Katherine Jenkins and Steven Moffat.