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Last updated 20 April 2016

Doctor Who: Eastenders (Valentines 2008)

Eastenders (Valentines 2008)

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Report on filming the Doctor Who segment on location
IMDB Cast/Crew details for 14 Feb episode

Writer: Carey Andrews
Director: Paul Annett

Featuring: Charlie Clements, Lacey Turner

BBC One (United Kingdom):
First Broadcast: Tuesday 12th February 2008
Running Time: 30 minutes

Stacey tries to resolve her and Bradley's differences by buying him a ticket to a Valentine's Day Doctor Who convention, The Time Lord Revisited, based around The Invasion and in particular the Cybermen at St. Paul's Cathedral, where the convention is taking place. The pair meet up and wander through the exhibition, talking through their problems, though Stacey little knows that Bradley is deciding whether to give her divorce papers or not ...