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Watch the highlights of the final Seventh Doctor story, Survival!

Nothing ever happens in Perivale:
The Doctor takes Ace back home where her proclamation of 'nothing ever happens in Perivale' is about to be proven very wrong. Moments before their arrival a young man washing his car is observed by a black cat before vanishing in a flash of light.

Ace hunted by the Cheetah people:
While the Doctor looks over the trap he has laid for the cat, Ace is alone in the playground when a humanoid cheetah appears on horseback. Ace's screams ring out as she is hunted down but can the Doctor save her or will she too be transported to the planet of the cheetah people

Ace tends to Karra:
Ace's dangerous attraction to the cheetah world's concerns the Doctor as she tends to the injured Karra and he hypothesises about finding a way home to Earth

The Master traps the Doctor:
Midge has fallen under the seductive power of the old world and the Master seizes the opportunity by capturing him to and return to Earth. Are the Doctor and Ace destined to spend their final days in the baron and crumbling old world?

The Doctor and Midge play chicken
The Doctor and Ace face a showdown with Midge and The Master's crew on Horsenden Hill. The Doctor leaps on to a motorbike and set himself on a collision course with the approaching Midge.

The Doctor and the Master fight:
The Doctor confronts the Mater outside the TARDIS. With the Master having learnt to control the wilderness of the old World, he transports the Doctor there to kill him once and for all. Has the Doctor's arch enemny finally one the battle of the Timelords?

Come on Ace, we've got work to do!:
After metamorphosing into a cheetah, Ace has returned to her human form. The Doctor, having dealt with Master one more time, returns to meet her.

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