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Ice Warriors
Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors - The classic Second Doctor adventure -- complete at last with two animated episodes! In the distant future, Earth faces a new Ice Age. While a dedicated team of scientists battle to hold the approaching glaciers at bay, a startling discovery is made deep within the ice... an alien warrior, frozen for millennia. When the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive they soon discover Earth is under threat from the Ice Warriors -- fearsome Martians intent on conquering our planet for themselves... .

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Exclusive animation preview
An exclusive "work in progress" clip of The Ice Warriors. With Ice Warrior Varga released and the glacier advancing, the Doctor tries to convince Leader Clent that temperamental humans - even the recently fired scientist Penley - are still far better than machines.

The deadly stink bomb
The Doctor and Victoria hatch a plan to escape Zondal the Ice Men with Ammonium Sulfide or a stink bomb. Tense scene from episode 4 of 1967 series The Ice Warriors.

Victim of the Ice Warriors
Storr releases Victoria from the grasp of Ice Warrior Turoc, who has been killed in an avalanche. Storr then takes Victoria back to the Ice Warriors' cavern, mistakenly thinking he can reason with them.

Credit: BBC Worldwide