Last updated 09 January 2020

Additional Details

Records Dubbed
Film Sequences Used

Drama in Minature Part 2 (John Denis) 50"

Wind and Percussion Ensemble Chappell C736B

Space Adventure (Martin Slavin) 20"

Normin Ramin  - Chappell C812A

Drumdramatic NO 7 (Robert Farnon) 05"

Perciussion Ensemble C809A


BBC Stock Film

Footage:  28' sound 16mm (titles)

BBC Specially Shot

125' sound 16mm (Roller Caption)

39' sound 16mm (Polar Extract)

51' silent 16mm (Mondas breaking up)

All the exteriors were shot on film on Stage 3 of the BBC's Ealing Studios from Tuesday 30 August to Friday 2 September 1966.