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Episode TitleDateTimeLengthRatingShareAI⇩ Chart
701The Sensorites: Strangers in SpaceSat20 Jun 19645:14pm00:24:467.90m5917
702The Long GameSat7 May 20057:00pm00:44:258.01m40.4%8117
703Father's DaySat14 May 20057:01pm00:42:508.06m44.4%8317
704The Dæmons: Episode FiveSat19 Jun 19716:10pm00:24:048.30m17
705The TV MovieMon27 May 19968:29pm01:24:399.08m36.0%7517
706Planet of the Spiders: Part OneSat4 May 19745:47pm00:24:4010.10m5817
707The Sontaran Experiment: Part TwoSat1 Mar 19755:30pm00:24:2710.50m5517
708Robot: Part TwoSat4 Jan 19755:32pm00:25:0010.70m5317
709The Ark In Space: Part ThreeSat8 Feb 19755:32pm00:24:0511.20m17
710The Three Doctors: Episode FourSat20 Jan 19735:51pm00:25:0711.90m17
711The Android Invasion: Part OneSat22 Nov 19755:47pm00:24:2111.90m5817
712The Robots of Death: Part TwoSat5 Feb 19776:22pm00:24:1512.40m17
713The Doctor FallsSat1 Jul 20176:31pm01:00:275.30m31.3%8316
714BlinkSat9 Jun 20077:10pm00:43:406.62m38.4%8716
71542Sat19 May 20077:15pm00:45:257.41m37.1%8416
716The Rings of AkhatenSat6 Apr 20136:15pm00:43:447.45m34.8%8416
717The Wedding of River SongSat1 Oct 20117:05pm00:45:227.67m32.0%8616
718The Space MuseumSat24 Apr 19655:41pm00:23:3810.50m6116
719The Crusade: The LionSat27 Mar 19655:42pm00:24:5610.50m5116
720The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part OneSat26 Feb 19776:32pm00:24:4411.30m16
721The Seeds of Doom: Part OneSat31 Jan 19766:00pm00:24:1011.40m5916
722City of Death: Part FourSat20 Oct 19796:16pm00:25:0016.10m6416
723Love & MonstersSat17 Jun 20067:00pm00:45:056.66m39.7%7615
724Day of the MoonSat30 Apr 20116:00pm00:46:147.30m36.7%8715
725Dark WaterSat1 Nov 20148:15pm00:46:257.34m27.4%8515
726Cold WarSat13 Apr 20136:03pm00:41:377.37m31.4%8415
727The Age of SteelSat20 May 20066:38pm00:45:507.64m37.8%8615
728The Green Death: Episode FiveSat16 Jun 19735:52pm00:25:208.30m15
729The Unquiet DeadSat9 Apr 20057:00pm00:44:508.86m37.8%8015
730The Time Meddler: The WatcherSat3 Jul 19656:54pm00:24:058.90m5715
731Genesis of the Daleks: Part TwoSat15 Mar 19755:30pm00:24:5110.50m5715
732Pyramids of Mars: Part TwoSat1 Nov 19755:48pm00:23:5311.30m15
733The Android Invasion: Part FourSat13 Dec 19755:56pm00:24:3011.40m15
734The Romans: All Roads Lead to RomeSat23 Jan 19655:40pm00:23:1411.50m5115
735The Seeds of Doom: Part SixSat6 Mar 19765:47pm00:21:5111.50m15
736The Deadly Assassin: Part OneSat30 Oct 19766:09pm00:21:1311.80m15
737The Robots of Death: Part ThreeSat12 Feb 19776:18pm00:23:5113.10m15
738The Pyramid At The End Of The WorldSat27 May 20177:51pm00:46:045.79m24.9%8214
739Time HeistSat20 Sep 20147:33pm00:45:226.99m29.6%8414
740Mummy On The Orient ExpressSat11 Oct 20148:37pm00:46:307.11m26.6%8514
741ResolutionTue1 Jan 20197:00pm01:00:007.13m26.6%8014
742The Shakespeare CodeSat7 Apr 20076:59pm00:45:357.23m36.9%8714
743Death in HeavenSat8 Nov 20148:02pm00:57:007.60m28.6%8314
744UtopiaSat16 Jun 20077:15pm00:45:507.84m38.2%8714
745DalekSat30 Apr 20056:59pm00:45:208.63m44.9%8414
746The Chase: The ExecutionersSat22 May 19655:41pm00:25:2510.00m5714
747The Web Planet: The CentreSat20 Mar 19655:55pm00:24:3211.50m4214
748The Robots of Death: Part OneSat29 Jan 19776:20pm00:24:0612.10m6214
749The Android Invasion: Part ThreeSat6 Dec 19755:46pm00:24:5012.10m14
750The Magician's ApprenticeSat19 Sep 20157:43pm00:46:226.54m26.3%8413
751The Family of BloodSat2 Jun 20077:12pm00:42:557.21m40.9%8613
752The Rebel FleshSat21 May 20116:45pm00:43:197.35m34.1%8513
753Amy's ChoiceSat15 May 20106:24pm00:43:257.55m37.4%8413
754The Girl Who WaitedSat10 Sep 20117:14pm00:46:027.60m38.8%8513
755The Power Of ThreeSat22 Sep 20127:31pm00:41:157.67m31.8%8713
756Human NatureSat26 May 20077:11pm00:45:007.74m38.0%8613
757The Angels Take ManhattanSat29 Sep 20127:20pm00:44:157.82m32.0%8813
758The Girl in the FireplaceSat6 May 20066:59pm00:44:407.90m38.1%8413
759Galaxy 4: Air LockSat25 Sep 19655:52pm00:24:1911.30m5413
760The Romans: InfernoSat6 Feb 19655:40pm00:23:0912.00m5013
761The Lazarus ExperimentSat5 May 20077:00pm00:43:007.19m38.8%8612
762Planet of the OodSat19 Apr 20086:19pm00:43:357.50m35.2%8712
763The Vampires of VeniceSat8 May 20105:59pm00:47:257.68m34.8%8612
764School ReunionSat29 Apr 20067:23pm00:44:108.31m41.6%8512
765The Chase: Flight Through EternitySat5 Jun 19655:46pm00:25:329.00m5512
766The Chase: The Death of TimeSat29 May 19655:40pm00:23:329.50m5612
767The Dalek Invasion of Earth: World's EndSat21 Nov 19645:40pm00:23:4211.40m6312
768The Deadly Assassin: Part FourSat20 Nov 19766:07pm00:24:3011.80m6112
769The Web Planet: InvasionSat13 Mar 19655:40pm00:26:0412.00m4812
770The Dalek Invasion of Earth: FlashpointSat26 Dec 19645:58pm00:25:2112.40m6012
771The Web Planet: The ZarbiSat20 Feb 19655:40pm00:23:2012.50m5312
772The Deadly Assassin: Part ThreeSat13 Nov 19766:07pm00:24:2013.00m12
773The Sound of DrumsSat23 Jun 20077:15pm00:46:107.51m40.0%8711
774Victory of the DaleksSat17 Apr 20106:29pm00:41:157.82m37.4%8411
775The Curse of the Black SpotSat7 May 20116:15pm00:44:517.85m35.5%8611
776Let's Kill HitlerSat27 Aug 20117:09pm00:48:088.10m33.3%8511
777Flesh and StoneSat1 May 20106:27pm00:41:408.50m38.2%8611
778The Chase: The Death of Doctor WhoSat19 Jun 19655:41pm00:23:279.00m5611
779The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The End of TomorrowSat12 Dec 19645:40pm00:23:2311.90m5911
780The Rescue: The Powerful EnemySat2 Jan 19655:40pm00:26:1512.00m5711
781The Deadly Assassin: Part TwoSat6 Nov 19766:04pm00:24:4412.10m5911
782The Web Planet: Escape to DangerSat27 Feb 19655:40pm00:22:5212.50m5311
783The PilotSat15 Apr 20177:21pm00:49:406.68m30.6%8310
784The Big BangSat26 Jun 20106:06pm00:53:406.70m36.9%8910
785Robot Of SherwoodSat6 Sep 20147:31pm00:46:167.28m31.1%8210
786The Doctor's DaughterSat10 May 20086:44pm00:45:107.33m40.1%8810
787The Name of the DoctorSat18 May 20136:59pm00:44:207.45m31.7%8810
788The Pandorica OpensSat19 Jun 20106:39pm00:48:407.58m37.1%8810
789Forest of the DeadSat7 Jun 20087:00pm00:45:207.84m42.1%8910
790The Beast BelowSat10 Apr 20106:20pm00:41:258.42m38.9%8610
791Last of the Time LordsSat30 Jun 20077:05pm00:51:258.61m40.6%8810
792The Fires of PompeiiSat12 Apr 20086:46pm00:48:159.04m38.8%8710
793Partners in CrimeSat5 Apr 20086:19pm00:48:309.14m41.3%8810
794Tooth and ClawSat22 Apr 20067:18pm00:44:309.24m42.9%8310
795The Runaway BrideMon25 Dec 20067:00pm01:00:009.38m37.9%8410
796The Dalek Invasion of Earth: Day of ReckoningSat5 Dec 19645:39pm00:26:5011.90m5910
797The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The DaleksSat28 Nov 19645:41pm00:24:1912.40m5910
798Into the DalekSat30 Aug 20147:30pm00:45:007.29m30.4%849
799Kerblam!Sun18 Nov 20186:30pm00:48:507.46m31.8%819
800Cold BloodSat29 May 20107:01pm00:44:557.49m31.9%869