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Claire Pritchard-Jones

Last updated 11 January 2016

Claire Pritchard-Jones has worked on
Doctor Who 45 episodes
Torchwood 4 episodes

Production Credits
2005Dalek (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Artist
The Long Game (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Artist
Father's Day (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Artist
The Empty Child (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Artist
The Doctor Dances (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Artist
Boom Town (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Artist
Bad Wolf (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Artist
The Parting of the Ways (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Artist
2006Love & Monsters (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Artist
Torchwood: Everything Changes (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Supervisor
Torchwood: Day One (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Supervisor
Torchwood: Ghost Machine (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Supervisor
2011Torchwood: The New World (as Claire Pritchard)Make-up Designer
2013The Time of the Doctor (as Claire Pritchard)Make-Up Supervisor
2014Deep BreathMake-up Designer
Into the DalekMake-up Designer
Robot Of SherwoodMake-up Designer
ListenMake-up Designer
Time HeistMake-up Designer
The CaretakerMake-up Designer
Kill The MoonMake-up Designer
Mummy On The Orient ExpressMake-up Designer
FlatlineMake-up Designer
In The Forest Of The NightMake-up Designer
Dark WaterMake-up Designer
Death in HeavenMake-up Designer
Last ChristmasMake-up Designer
2018The Woman Who Fell to EarthMake-up Designer
The Ghost MonumentMake-up Designer
RosaMake-up Designer
Arachnids In The UKMake-up Designer
The Tsuranga ConundrumMake-up Designer
Demons Of The PunjabMake-up Designer
Kerblam!Make-up Designer
The WitchfindersMake-up Designer
It Takes You AwayMake-up Designer
The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosMake-up Designer
2019ResolutionMake-up Designer
2020Spyfall: Part OneMake-up Designer
Spyfall: Part TwoMake-up Designer
Orphan 55Make-up Designer
Nikola Tesla's Night of TerrorMake-up Designer
Fugitive of the JudoonMake-up Designer
PraxeusMake-up Designer
Can You Hear Me?Make-up Designer
The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiMake-up Designer
Ascension of the CybermenMake-up Designer
The Timeless ChildrenMake-up Designer
2021Revolution of the DaleksMake-up Designer