Jeremy Harvey

Last updated 12 March 2013

Jeremy Harvey has worked on
Doctor Who 16 episodes

Acting Credits
2005Father's Day (uncredited)Wedding Guest (Church)
The Christmas Invasion (uncredited)Shopper
2006New Earth (uncredited)Guest
The Age of Steel (uncredited)Crowd
2008Partners in Crime (uncredited)Journalist
Planet of the Ood (uncredited)Ood
Planet of the Ood (uncredited)Natural Ood
Forest of the Dead (uncredited)Library Person
Journey's End (uncredited)Hostage
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Mourner
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Begger
2011A Good Man Goes to War (uncredited)Soldier
2012Asylum of the Daleks (uncredited)Dalek Operator
2013The Bells of Saint John (uncredited)Monk Guarding Paul
The Rings of Akhaten (uncredited)Millennium Alien
The Day of The Doctor (uncredited)Bentham's Men
The Day of The Doctor (uncredited)Dalek Operators
2014Deep Breath (uncredited)Chamber Droid
Robot Of Sherwood (uncredited)Archer