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Rhys Griffiths

Last updated 11 December 2013

Rhys Griffiths has worked on
Doctor Who 57 episodes

Production Credits
2006Tooth and ClawUnit Manager
The Girl in the FireplaceUnit Manager
Rise of the CybermenUnit Manager
The Age of SteelUnit Manager
The Idiot's LanternUnit Manager
The Impossible PlanetUnit Manager
The Satan PitUnit Manager
Love & MonstersUnit Manager
Fear HerUnit Manager
Army of GhostsUnit Manager
DoomsdayUnit Manager
The Runaway BrideUnit Manager
2007Smith and JonesUnit Manager
The Shakespeare CodeUnit Manager
GridlockUnit Manager
The Lazarus ExperimentUnit Manager
42Unit Manager
UtopiaUnit Manager
The Sound of DrumsUnit Manager
Last of the Time LordsUnit Manager
Voyage of the DamnedUnit Manager
2008Partners in CrimeUnit Manager
The Fires of PompeiiUnit Manager
Planet of the OodUnit Manager
The Sontaran StratagemUnit Manager
The Doctor's DaughterUnit Manager
The Unicorn and the WaspUnit Manager
MidnightUnit Manager
2009The End of Time: Part OneUnit Manager
2010The End of Time: Part Two (uncredited)Unit Manager
The Eleventh HourUnit Manager
The Beast BelowUnit Manager
Victory of the DaleksUnit Manager
The Time of AngelsUnit Manager
Flesh and StoneUnit Manager
The Vampires of VeniceUnit Manager
Amy's ChoiceUnit Manager
The Hungry EarthUnit Manager
Cold BloodUnit Manager
Vincent and the DoctorUnit Manager
The LodgerUnit Manager
The Pandorica OpensUnit Manager
The Big BangUnit Manager
A Christmas CarolUnit Manager
2011The Impossible AstronautUnit Manager
Day of the MoonUnit Manager
The Curse of the Black SpotUnit Manager
The Doctor's WifeUnit Manager
The Rebel FleshUnit Manager
The Almost PeopleUnit Manager
A Good Man Goes to WarUnit Manager
Let's Kill HitlerUnit Manager
Night TerrorsUnit Manager
The Girl Who WaitedUnit Manager
The God ComplexUnit Manager
The Wedding of River SongUnit Manager
The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeUnit Manager