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Debi Griffiths

Last updated 03 April 2014

Debi Griffiths has worked on
Doctor Who 62 episodes

Production Credits
2005RoseA/Production Accountant
The End Of The WorldA/Production Accountant
The Unquiet DeadA/Production Accountant
Aliens of LondonA/Production Accountant
World War ThreeA/Production Accountant
DalekA/Production Accountant
The Long GameA/Production Accountant
Father's DayA/Production Accountant
The Empty ChildA/Production Accountant
The Doctor DancesA/Production Accountant
Boom TownA/Production Accountant
Bad WolfA/Production Accountant
The Parting of the WaysA/Production Accountant
The Christmas InvasionA/Production Accountant
2006New EarthA/Production Accountant
Tooth and ClawA/Production Accountant
School ReunionA/Production Accountant
The Girl in the FireplaceA/Production Accountant
Rise of the CybermenA/Production Accountant
The Age of SteelA/Production Accountant
The Idiot's LanternA/Production Accountant
The Impossible PlanetA/Production Accountant
The Satan PitA/Production Accountant
Love & MonstersA/Production Accountant
Fear HerA/Production Accountant
Army of GhostsA/Production Accountant
DoomsdayA/Production Accountant
The Runaway BrideProduction Assistant
2007Smith and JonesProduction Assistant
The Shakespeare CodeProduction Assistant
GridlockProduction Assistant
Daleks in ManhattanProduction Assistant
Evolution of the DaleksProduction Assistant
The Lazarus ExperimentProduction Assistant
42Production Assistant
Human NatureProduction Assistant
The Family of BloodProduction Assistant
BlinkProduction Assistant
UtopiaProduction Assistant
The Sound of DrumsProduction Assistant
Last of the Time LordsProduction Assistant
Voyage of the DamnedProduction Assistant
2008Partners in CrimeProduction Assistant
The Fires of PompeiiProduction Assistant
Planet of the OodAssistant Production Coordinator
The Sontaran StratagemAssistant Production Coordinator
The Poison SkyAssistant Production Coordinator
The Doctor's DaughterAssistant Production Coordinator
The Unicorn and the WaspAssistant Production Coordinator
Silence in the LibraryAssistant Production Coordinator
Forest of the DeadAssistant Production Coordinator
MidnightAssistant Production Coordinator
Journey's EndAssistant Production Coordinator
2020Spyfall: Part Two1st Assistaint Accountant
Orphan 551st Assistaint Accountant
Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror1st Assistaint Accountant
Fugitive of the Judoon1st Assistaint Accountant
Praxeus1st Assistaint Accountant
Can You Hear Me?1st Assistaint Accountant
The Haunting Of Villa Diodati1st Assistaint Accountant
Ascension of the Cybermen1st Assistaint Accountant
The Timeless Children1st Assistaint Accountant