Adam Sweet

Last updated 09 April 2020

Adam Sweet has worked on
Doctor Who 25 episodes
Music 2 episodes

Acting Credits
2005Bad Wolf (uncredited)Programmer/Staff
2006Tooth and Claw (uncredited)Farm Hand
Rise of the Cybermen (uncredited)Cyberman
The Impossible Planet (uncredited)Ood
The Satan Pit (uncredited)
Love & Monsters (uncredited)Adam Sweet playing AutonAuton
Army of Ghosts (uncredited)Black Ghosts
Doomsday (uncredited)Cyberman
Music: Doctor Who: A CelebrationMonster (aka (unlisted roles))
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Evil Santa
The Runaway Bride (uncredited)Gold Head Robot
2007Smith and Jones (uncredited)Judoon
The Shakespeare Code (uncredited)(extra)
Daleks in Manhattan (uncredited)Pig Man
Evolution of the Daleks (uncredited)
Human Nature (uncredited)Villager
Human Nature (uncredited)Scarecrow
The Family of Blood (uncredited)Villager
Utopia (uncredited)Refugee
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)Adam Sweet playing HostHost
2008Partners in Crime (uncredited)Projectionist
Planet of the Ood (uncredited)Ood
Planet of the Ood (uncredited)Natural Ood
The Doctor's Daughter (uncredited)New Hath
The Stolen Earth (uncredited)Judoon
Music: Doctor Who Prom (2008)Other Monsters (aka (unlisted roles))
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Cyberman
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Cybershade
2010The End of Time: Part Two (uncredited)General Monster
2011A Good Man Goes to War (uncredited)Cyberman
Closing Time (uncredited)