Last updated 17 April 2017

House of Blue Fire

House of Blue Fire

Series Episode Number: 152

First Broadcast: Fri 30 Sep 2011 - ~8:01pm UTC (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 120 minutes

Recorded on Mon 14 Feb 2011 in The Moat Studios

aquaphobia n. An abnormal fear of water, or drowning.

blattodephobia n. The morbid fear of cockroaches.

catoptrophobia n. Fear of mirrors, or seeing one’s own reflection.

There’s a whole ABC of horrors at Bluefire House – as four young people, drawn together to this tumbledown hotel at the edge of nowhere, are about to discover. But whatever the ancient and foul thing that has emerged from the wilderness to drag them here, speaking of it will only strengthen it.

The Doctor alone knows what lurks at the heart of Bluefire House. But the monster of his childhood dreams is coming. The Mi’en Kalarash is coming…

Just this once, the Doctor is afraid.