Last updated 17 April 2017

Doctor Who: Last of the Cybermen

Last of the Cybermen

Story Number: 199 (BF)
No of Episodes: 1

Writer: Alan Barnes
Director: Ken Bentley
Executive Producer : Jason Haigh-Ellery

Starring: Colin Baker, Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury, Lucy Liemann

Big Finish Release (United Kingdom):
First Broadcast: Sunday 31st May 2015
Running Time: 2 hours

It's been ten years since the final assault on Telos, the last act of the Great Cyber War. Thanks to the Glittergun, humanity prevailed – and the half-machine Cybermen were utterly obliterated. 

Out on the furthest fringes of the galaxy, however, they left their mark – in the form of a giant Cyber-head, hundreds of feet high. A monument? A memorial? A tomb? The Doctor, the Cybermen's most indefatigable adversary, sets out to investigate... but he fails to return to his TARDIS. Leaving the Ship, his two companions – brave Highlander Jamie MacCrimmon, and super-intelligent Zoe Heriot – find a stranger in the Doctor's place. A stranger in a coat of many colours, who insists that he's the Doctor – transposed in time and space with one of his former selves...

But why here? Why now? Has the universe really seen the last of the Cybermen..?

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