Last updated 17 April 2017

Doctor Who: Moonflesh


Story Number: 185 (BF)
No of Episodes: 1

Writer: Mark Morris
Director: Ken Bentley

Starring: Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Tim Bentinck, Hugh Fraser

Big Finish Release (United Kingdom):
First Broadcast: Wednesday 30th April 2014
Running Time: 2 hours

One wouldn't normally expect to find elephants, gorillas and rhinoceroses roaming free in Suffolk in the year 1911. One wouldn't normally expect to find an extra-dimensional police box at the same time/space location either. Two aliens, named the Doctor and Nyssa, exit said box, only to find themselves pursued by a hungry lioness – for they've landed in the private hunting grounds of the famous explorer Nathaniel Whitlock, who's brought together a motley group of friends and acquaintances for a weekend's shooting.

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