Last updated 21 November 2016

Doctor Who: Detained


Story Number: 6
No of Episodes: 1

Writer: Patrick Ness
Director: Wayne Che Yip
Executive Producer: Brian Minchin, Steven Moffat, Patrick Ness

Starring: Katherine Kelly, Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins, Vivian Oparah, Jordan Renzo

BBC Three (United Kingdom):
First Broadcast: Saturday 19th November 2016
Running Time: 42 minutes, 15 seconds

The whole gang is thrown into detention by Miss Quill. Locked in her classroom, they are terrified when an explosion propels them out of space and time: trapped, claustrophobic and floating in blackness with no way of escape.

Although a mysterious asteroid fragment may be their key to freedom, it forces the gang to confess their deepest, darkest secrets to one another. As ugly truths come out, fractures start to appear in the friendship group.

And then they make a chilling discovery. They're not alone. There's somebody in there with them.