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Episode 2

Episode 2

Series Episode Number: 142

World Premiere: Sat 24 Dec 1966 - 5:50pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 23 minutes 41 seconds

6.80 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 46 (UK)

Chart Position: 89 () (UK)

Recorded on Sat 10 Dec 1966 in Riverside 1
Archive State: Missing

Posing as a German physician, the Doctor manages to escape. But by the time he is able to return to rescue Ben and his friends, they have already been taken aboard the ship.

Characters hide uncredited
Dr. WhoPatrick Troughton
BenMichael Craze
PollyAnneke Wills
Solicitor GreyDavid Garth
KirstyHannah Gordon
Lt. Algernon FfinchMichael Elwyn
JamieFrazer Hines
Colin McLarenDonald Bisset
SergeantPeter Welch
TraskDallas Cavell
PerkinsSydney Arnold
MollieBarbara Bruce
SentryTom Bowman
Double for KirstyAndrea Cameron (uncredited)
SeamanPat Gorman (uncredited)
Soldier (Redcoat)John Doye (uncredited)
Soldier (Redcoat)Gordon Lang (uncredited)
Soldier (Redcoat)Keith Goodman (uncredited)
HighlanderJimmy Mahon (uncredited)
HighlanderLeon Maybank (uncredited)
Highlander in JailMichael Mulcaster (uncredited)
HighlanderBob Wilyman (uncredited)
HighlanderBarry Ashton (uncredited)
HighlanderAnthony Caso (uncredited)
Highlander in JailErnest Jennings (uncredited)
(extra)Walter Henry (uncredited)
(extra)Alan Troy (uncredited)
(extra)Derek Martin (uncredited)